Ravens and Drôls, Harpies and time animals

Looks like I haven’t posted any tattoos here on my blogsite since a long time ago! Ravens are back, that’s for sure. I’m really happy with the result of this one shot piece done on my colleague Skinny Marciano. He was looking for one of those dark ravens since we met back in…2018? A fuckinglongtimeago in London. A pleasure tattooing you and a really nice chat! Same as the next one, a three leg raven from the japanese mithology, called Yatagarasu:

This one was done in three sittings on one of my bravest clients ever. Thank you very much Raul for never complaining about pain and sitting so well during hours. You are a hero.
Last pictures are from my last visit to Fun Tattoo in Porto with my friend Neco and his apprentice Mariana. It was an enormous pleasure to be back after Covid dark ages and have the chance to work at their new location. I was also invited to bring my merch and artwork to participate in their open market which is taking place once a month. It was great to feel the good old tattoo vibes again after many years. Fun Tattoo Studio is fueling Porto’s tattoo scene with energy and a connection with some forgotten ways of understanding our craft. For all this and the crazy ammount of attention that my black book of designs got there, I’m forever in their team.
I’m gonna be back for sure to one of my favourite cities in Europe. To all my clients and friends there, thank you very much again and again.

And last but not least, I’m starting my 2023 travelling agenda so here are some confirmed dates:

24-25 de Marzo
citas: david@davidtejero.com

Berlin, Germany
19-20-21th April
appointments: david@davidtejero.com

Paris, France
19-20-21th April
appointments: david@davidtejero.com

Don’t doubt to get in touch as soon as possible if you want to get tattooed in any of these spots. Time and space are infinite but my agenda is not! See you around!

Sirins, storm warriors and time machines

I recently had the pleasure of working on a favourite subject of mine, sirins and harpies. David, aka Sinistral Mortimer on instagram, came from Bratislava to get this huge piece done in two days in a row. That was a true display of strenght and commitment and will always have my admiration and respect.

A million thanks again David for your blind trust in my work and ways.

I also had the privilege of tattooing two old clients of mine in very interesting subjects such as time machines and storm warriors. I feel lucky as hell! Daniel, and Jonathan from El Verbo Studio , thank you very much again and again. Being able to go deeper on these subjects is something I really want to try.

To end this post and stage of the year, I’m going to show you my first collaboration with my good friend and co-founder partner at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona El Carlo. We were asked several months ago by Juanito Sin Alma to draw something of our own in a combined piece. It was fluid, funny and really great to work on that creature from the abyss:

We would really like to thanks Juanito fro his wild trust in our ideas and also to encourage anyone who feels pretty brave to try and make us a call. Doing this collaboration has been really fun and we are looking forward to repeat the experience!

My last call is for the Brussels Tattoo Convention next month. I still have plenty of time and ideas to tattoo you there. Don’t doubt to contact me through my mail david@davidtejero.com if you want to get tattooed. I will also bring some new merchandise we are working on right now at Eclipse. Keep posted!


fully booked
Porto, Portugal
4-5 November
bookings: david@davidtejero.com

Brussels, Belgium
18-19-20 November
bookings: david@davidtejero.com

3-4 Diciembre
info y citas: david@davidtejero.com

Harpy II and a deep drawer

This is one of my favourite starters for this year 2021. I’m grateful for having the chance of tattooing this kind of ideas. Harpies and detailed birds are very interesting and the way they fit in our bodies is always challenging. I have drawn some of them in advanced, so don’t doubt to check out my available designs and contact me if you are interested. Your ideas and references about this particular subject are always welcomed too.
I also have some good news about three little pieces I’ve just recovered from the depths of my studio drawer. One print with a tiny mistake, an artist proof and a little original. All of them are two or more years old. Don’t doubt to check out my section at Eclipse’s online store to find out more. Remember, there is only one copy left for the prints. It’s now or never.

Thank you very much for keeping an eye on my work.

October tattoos

Well!! This month has been really challenging for tattooers around and specially in Barcelona. We’ve been in a lockdown since mid October… Anyway! We’ll keep on doing what we can to go on and follow our ideas and hearts. As usual, FTG & TCB.
This is a selection of many small tattoos I’ve done recently. I want to give special thanks once again to Gisselle for trusting me and letting me finish her forearm, surrounded by pieces from the great Tim Beijsens. Also Alex, Johanna and fucking Max a.k.a fucking Tupamax tattoo…a fine individual! You made my month!

And as a preview of my favourite work from this last month, here’s a shot of the healing process of this huge bird on Carlos.

Due to Covid restrictions and the situation in Barcelona, it will be a little difficult to have better pictures of this one any soon. I just wanted to show it before the year ends! I promise a full photo shooting with extra drawings on the process.
Thanks for following my work and checking this blog regularly. It means a lot! If you want to engage in larger projects or take a look to my available designs, please don’t doubt to write me. Here: david@davidtejero.com

Good luck in November to You all!

Long live to Eclipse.

Demons, monsters, knights and skulls

Some of my most recent tattoos done during this last summer and early September at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona. Thank you very much to all of you who trusted me after the lockdown! Don’t doubt to contact me if you are interested in getting tattooed. All this pieces are custom or come directly from my black book of designs.

Black swan and the never ending end.

My last tattoos from 2019 close a decade where I commited myself to tattooing and everything involved without any doubt or hesitation. For me it’s more than ending just another year, specially because 2020 it’s my 15th anniversary into this profession that I love and respect so much. It seems like it was not too far away in time when I started as an apprentice at Nahkoé Tattoos and Piercing down in L’Hospitalet. I want to make this new year, decade and stage of my life and carreer count. Things must and will change in order to improve my skills and attention to detail.

To achieve that I can only rely on my clients, as I’ve been doing so far. I want to thanks once again, as a new year congratulation, to everyone and single of you who has allowed me to tattoo both my ideas and yours. I expect this new 2020 to contribute with more of my creativity and production. Also, at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona, some improvements with our merchandise are being prepared now…we hope to offer you a nice experience during this year both online and at the studio.

I also will try to organize my travelling agenda for 2020 as soon as I can. Dates and destinations will be announced soon. In the meantime, don’t doubt to contact me if you want to get tattooed by me in Barcelona or any other city in Europe. I love to have as much time as possible to plan and draw.

The end has no end.


Dortmund, Brussels and the woodblock thing.

November is getting closer and the Brussels Tattoo Convention is almost here. As I mentioned in my previous post  I’ll be travelling alongside my friends and coworkers at Eclipse Tattoo. This year I’ll be alongside Carlo, Rotor, Nacho Eterno and Anana Tattoos. I have only a few spots open to tattoo during the afternoons, so please, get in touch as soon as possible if you want to get tattooed there. I’m accepting ideas to prepare or any of my flash. Both are welcome! If I have free time at the convention, I’ll be glad to do some walk ups too.

Also, as I published before in my travel dates, I’ll be guesting once again at the best studio in Dortmund: Mind at Large  But this time I won’t be travelling alone from Barcelona. My coworker and friend also at Eclipse Miriam will join me for the first time. I wanted to show some of her work here in my blog cuase it’s really special. Miriam not only focuses on handpoke tattooing but her way of working with the stencil process is unique. Take a look:

Miriam has been working for years in the process of stamping cloths by hand. Later on she started to use the same woodblocks to do it on the skin. If you want to get tattooed in this unique and special way, don’t doubt to reach out the studio and book your appointment. I’ve been tattooed by her and I can guarantee you a painfree experience for sure!

I can only suggest everyone to follow her work on instagram both for her tattoos and clothes : woodblocktattoo and woodblocktextiles  .

I’m really thankful for the oportunity of travelling again with my friends to do what I love most. Don’t doubt to come to the studio or the convention to say hi.
See you all!

Dortmund, Germany

5-6 November
Please contact the studio to book your appointment.

Brussels, Belgium
8-9-10 November
bookings: david@davidtejero.com

Switzerland 25-29th june

I’m ver happy to announce that I’ll be working at Happy Pets Studio, Lausanne (Switzerland) for the first time. That’s an incredible and well known spot for any tattooer or tattoo collector who’s focused on black, illustrative work. Some of my favorite european tattooers with whom I share a similar view have been guesting there regularly. So! From days 25th to 27th I’ll be tattooing there.
And also, I will have the pleasure of visiting Zürich and spend a pair of days at World’s end Tattoo Studio. I’m really happy for it and I already feel welcome to a studio settled since 1999…!

Please, if you want to get tattooed at any of both places, get in touch as soon as you can. I’m open to do custom work and also some prepared flash I’ll carry with me as always. Don’t doubt to send me an e-mail here:

I’ll answer as soon as I can in order to get the agenda organized.

Thanks again!

Lausanne, Switzerland
25-26-27 june
bookings: david@davidtejero.com

Zürich, Switzerland
28-29 june
bookings: david@davidtejero.com

Dortmund and Wuppertal

Recently I travelled back to Dortmund one more time and I also had the chance to participate in the Wuppertal Tattoo Convention. This trip was special because I had the best time with my friends but also because I was far from home when the terror attacks took place in the heart of Barcelona. I want to give thanks again to all those who asked about the situation in my city during the past weekend. As many places before in Europe, Barcelona is getting back to it’s normality.
All the tattoos here were done between the studio and the convention.

Again I had the luck of having the best clients. My special thanks for the ideas of Patrick, Henja, Ricardo and the choice of Arndt from my sketchbook. It means a lot when you feel so welcomed and you can do what you like most.

As I told you before, I was with my friends this time in Germany. Spending time and tattoo hours with Basti, Renata, Alejo, Marco, Marvin and Melissa has been great. Hope to repeat the experience in the future!

My next tattoo trip will be to the Brussels Tattoo Convention alongside my friends Rotor, Carlo, Ana and Nacho. We all are Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona and this will be the first convention for us using this name. Please get in touch if you want to get tattooed there, I’m already taking appointments through paypal.

Brussels, Belgium
10-11-12 November
Write me an e-mail to book your appointment.

Thank you very much.