Ravens and Drôls, Harpies and time animals

Looks like I haven’t posted any tattoos here on my blogsite since a long time ago! Ravens are back, that’s for sure. I’m really happy with the result of this one shot piece done on my colleague Skinny Marciano. He was looking for one of those dark ravens since we met back in…2018? A fuckinglongtimeago in London. A pleasure tattooing you and a really nice chat! Same as the next one, a three leg raven from the japanese mithology, called Yatagarasu:

This one was done in three sittings on one of my bravest clients ever. Thank you very much Raul for never complaining about pain and sitting so well during hours. You are a hero.
Last pictures are from my last visit to Fun Tattoo in Porto with my friend Neco and his apprentice Mariana. It was an enormous pleasure to be back after Covid dark ages and have the chance to work at their new location. I was also invited to bring my merch and artwork to participate in their open market which is taking place once a month. It was great to feel the good old tattoo vibes again after many years. Fun Tattoo Studio is fueling Porto’s tattoo scene with energy and a connection with some forgotten ways of understanding our craft. For all this and the crazy ammount of attention that my black book of designs got there, I’m forever in their team.
I’m gonna be back for sure to one of my favourite cities in Europe. To all my clients and friends there, thank you very much again and again.

And last but not least, I’m starting my 2023 travelling agenda so here are some confirmed dates:

24-25 de Marzo
citas: david@davidtejero.com

Berlin, Germany
19-20-21th April
appointments: david@davidtejero.com

Paris, France
19-20-21th April
appointments: david@davidtejero.com

Don’t doubt to get in touch as soon as possible if you want to get tattooed in any of these spots. Time and space are infinite but my agenda is not! See you around!

Monsters and dragons, goats and ravens.

Another summer is here and I’m glad to keep on working with my own ideas and clients proposals too. Mixed monsters and animals are my stuff for sure, don’t doubt to get in touch if you have the idea of getting some of them. There’s also a pair of big projects I’ve also started recently and I’m willing to continue as soon as possible.

I want to give special thanks to Laura, Jonatan, Jose and David. Thanks for your trust and behaving so well during the sittings.

Hope is going to be more content to show up after the summer! Until then, thank you very much for keeping an eye on my work.

Bookings: david@davidtejero.com

Hearts and executioners, hermits, demiurges, a raven and a Basilisk.

These are some of the tattoos I’ve done in my recent visits to London, Dortmund and Brussels. It’s always a pleasure to travel around and be able to tattoo interesting ideas. Thanks again to all my customers abroad. The pictures below are from one of my favoruite healed pieces this year, on Tobe from Dortmund.

My next stop takes me to Lyon, France. I’ll be tattooing at Hello Darkness Tattoo. I hope I’ll be able to design and tattoo some good stuff too! So please, don’t doubt to write me if you want to get tattooed there. I’ll bring my black book of designs with me as usual.

Thanks again for keeping an eye to my blog.

Lyon, France
12-13-14 December
bookings: david@davidtejero.com

Some magic and ravens, hearts and shields

I’m very happy with my last visit to Dortmund. It’s always a pleasure to spend some time with my friends there and do so many good tattoos. The new studio looks great and makes you feel super welcome.

I’ll try to be back in summer and november before the Brussels Tattoo Convention. Don’t doubt to write me if you have any idea in mind and I’ll book you in.
I want to give thanks again to the Mind at Large Tattoo team for hosting me so well and specially to Basti for his incredible attitude all the time. THANKS!
And I have a little last tattoo to show done at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona.

Appointments and consultations:

First 2019 tattoos

Last from 2018, first for this recently started year. I want to give thanks to all my clients once again, specially to Gisela and Ardiel for trusting me one more time. If you are interested in getting tattooed at Eclipse, just get in touch through my mail.

I’ll be attending the Lille Tattoo Convention in a few days. If you want to get tattooed there, just drop by our booth and ask. If you prefer to set up and appointment, write to me as soon as you can. Thank you very much.

Lille, France
25-26-27 January
Write me to david@davidtejero.com

Primeros tattoos de 2017

Estos son solo algunos de los tattoos que he realizado durante la última semana de enero y la primera de febrero entre Barcelona, Granada y Oporto. Tengo poquísimo espacio disponible para tatuar este mes y me gustaría realizar diseños de mi sketchbook. No os cortéis en preguntar por ellos o en proponerme ideas que se basen en ese tipo de trabajos. Son de tamaño pequeño o mediano, realizables en una sola sesión con toda la calma. Hacer ese tipo de tattoos me encanta y me ayuda a probar nuevos planteamientos, tanto temáticos como estéticos. ¡De esa manera creo que salimos ganando todos!
Agradezco todos los mensajes que recibo por instagram o facebook pero para concertar cita y hablar de vuestros proyectos solo uso este mail : david@davidtejero.com Creedme si os digo que la vida es mucho más simple así! Prometo contestar con la mayor rapidez posible todos los mails.
¡Gracias una vez más!

Clock, owl, ottoman raven, nautilus and the inmortal jellyfish

Estos son algunos de los tattoos que más me ha gustado hacer este último mes entre Barcelona y Granada. Gracias a todos los que me habéis escrito proponiendo ideas tan interesantes. Tengo muchas ganas de seguir por esta línea de trabajo y llevarla a tamaños más grandes en zonas del cuerpo más amplias. No os cortéis y mandadme un mail a david@davidtejero si estáis interesados o tenéis una propuesta que os ronda la cabeza.

No dejéis tampoco de visitar mi nueva tienda online compartida con Rotor y El Carlo : PROYECTO ECLIPSE Tengo ilustraciones originales en venta a precios realmente interesantes. Hacemos envíos a todo el mundo.

¡Gracias a todos por seguir el blog!

Inicio del 2016

Estos son algunos de los trabajos que he realizado entre finales del 2015 y el inicio del 2016. Gracias a todos los que se han interesado por mis tattoos y me permiten seguir haciendo lo que me gusta. Si queréis tatuaros conmigo o comprar alguna de estas acuarelas originales enviadme un mail a :


En la medida de lo posible iré produciendo esta clase de esbozos finalizados en acuarela y estarán disponibles para los interesados. No habrá prints de estas obras. En breve, algo más grande!

Gracias a todos por seguir el blog.