The lockdown

First of all, thank you very much once again for stoping by this blog to read my latest news and content. Second, as the COVID-19 situation is now a global threat affecting most of the capital cities and towns in our planet, I really hope that all of You and your families are well. Clients and friends worldwide, my thoughts are with you everyday.

I’m writting this post in order to let you know that I’m fine, at home and taking care of my family. During this confinement days I’ll focus my energies on that. My travel dates are officially on hold until our situation comes back to a regular working basis. At Eclipse, as many other tattoo studios, we don’t know when or how is gonna happen. As soon as we have any info about our working availability, it will be published.

Thanks again for reading this information and for all your messages. I’m not sure to give any advice on how to live through this time of uncertainty or even to engage in any art related activity. My mail will remain open if I can be helpful with any doubt or matter you need to ask me about. My instagram account will be mostly out for a long time.

Take care everyone.

Cobra Tattoo Madrid 7-9 mayo

DB8DF69D-8971-4912-83FE-BB9A08CBB3DFCerrando la agenda de viajes hasta Septiembre me queda una visita al recién estrenado estudio en Madrid de Ricardo Contreras y Mendez : Cobra Tattoo. Los días 7, 8 y 9 de mayo estaré tatuando por la capital también por primera vez. ¡Espero que no sea la última! La agenda está abierta desde ya mismo y como es habitual espero vuestras ideas y propuestas a través de mi mail . También tengo ideas preparadas disponibles para tatuar si le querés echar un ojo a mi libro.
Gracias a todos!

Madrid, España
7, 8, 9 mayo
citas :

El Nido Valencia 9-11 abril

Los días 9, 10 y 11 de abril voy a bajar a trabajar a Valencia por primera vez! Será con los amigos del Nido. Hacía mucho tiempo que les debía la visita y estoy super agradecido por poder trabajar en uno de los mejores estudios del país.
Estoy cogiendo citas desde ya mismo, preferiblemente para tattoos que se acaben en una sola sesión. Estaré encantado de recibir vuestras propuestas y también de que le echéis un ojo a mi libro de diseños preparados. Solo queda un mes y el espacio es limitado así que no dudéis en escribirme a si queréis reservar vuestra cita.
Nos vemos por Valencia en breve!

Valencia, España
9, 10, 11 abril
citas :

Paris in june

matiere noire tattoo
The days 18-19-20 of june I’ll be working for the first time in Paris. I’m very happy to be hosted these days at Matiere Noire Tattoo. Agenda is open now and I’m glad to receive any proposal for medium sized tattoos. I’ll also bring my black book of designs for you to choose right in the spot. Please, if you are interested, get in touch asap using my mail :
See you in summer Paris!

Merci beaucoup.

Paris, France
18, 19, 20th june


I’m really happy to announce that I’ll be tattooing for the first time at the London tattoo convention this year. As some of You know, I’ve been attending the convention as a visitor and helper many times and I can say it’s still one of my favourite tattoo events in Europe by far. I must truly thanks Miki Vialetto for the invitation and my friend El Carlo, with whom I’ll be representing Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona at the convention, for all the help in getting there.
As I’ve been doing in recent tattoo conventions, I’ll bring my black book of designs for you to choose right on the spot. I’m also open for advanced bookings since now if you have any idea in mind for a medium sized project. Please don’t doubt to write to me as soon as possible. I accept deposits via paypal.

Thank You all very much! Hope to see everyone at the Tobacco Dock one more year!

London, England
31th July – 1 & 2nd August


So! This is the first 2020 tattoo project. Done in two sittings on Javier who asked for a big rooster and put all the trust in the view I wanted to get for it. In the pictures, lines are healed and shading is fresh. I’m always up for this kind of extended bird tattoos that can go along with the anatomy in a better and more profitable way.

Don’t doubt to get in touch if you have in mind to get a tattoo like that, I always enjoy to work on this projects and I’m looking forward to do more of them in 2020. Arms, legs, frontpieces and backpieces too. It’s time to grow in size!
Thanks again for keeping an eye on my work.

Black Sabbath a Eclipse

El próxim 13 de febrer a Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona tenim el plaer de celebrar, gràcies a Branca Studio, el cinquanté aniversari de la sortida del primer disc de Black Sabbath. El Pol i la Marta ens portaran el seu nou fanzine (limitat a 50 cópies) i a més exposaran tota la feina que han dissenyat per la banda. La beguda i la música de Sabbath tampoc faltaran. No cal dir que es una ocasió collonuda per reunir a tota la gent de Barcelona i voltants seguidors de les tendéncies metal més denses. Tot té un origen i aquest l’hem de celebrar!
Desde Eclipse us esperem a tots! No falteu!