Book of Drawings

After two years of gathering and selecting many old and recent drawings, my book is finally here. Printing suffered some unexpected delays due to technical problems but we made it in the end!
This books contains 128 pages of sketches, tattoo line drawings and preparatory illustrations. My intention was to mix up a personal selection of work that has driven me through 14 years of tattooing experience. A lot has happened during this time and it’s been really funny to search and find old stuff that I was able to link with my most recent work. Somehow, noticing a technical evolution but remaining the same in many creative ways. In those pages, old timers are alongside new comers…precisely for this purpose.

This project has seen the light under the production of Okulus Bookshop and Publishing . I’m really happy to contribute to their own catalogue after many years of beign a client and sharing with them a lot of international conventions. I still think that this kind of close collaboration with your local book dealer is extremely important if you want to keep bookstore culture alive. In this case, as Okulus is maybe the best tattoo specialized bookstore in Europe (and maybe one of the best in the world), the choice goes beyond friendship. As a distributor, Okulus will make sure the book is represented in some countries and not only in the internet, so maybe you’ll have a chance of taking a look at it at some tattoo convention or bookstore before buying it. That’s priceless in the amazon era. Thanks Lorenzo and Javi for supporting my work over the years, it means a lot.

I have also wanted to put up an special edition of this book, consisting in 15 selected packs that include the cover illustration as a print and also a limited edition embroidered patch. I hope it will be interesting enough to those collectors out there! All 15 books will come signed and with some extra too that only buyers will know once the sealed packs are open. For this special edition I’ve worked again with Artplus for the screenprinting and La Frivé for the packaging. Every print inside comes with it’s own folder as you can see in the pictures. Lettering on the book cover and the packaging has been done by the master Ivan Castro…thanks again for your art! Finally, the final tuning and overall book design is a work by Terry Sucrana at Black Bible Books. I want to give thanks to all of them for putting their best into these pages and pack.

The list of professionals involved and their area of work for those interested :

Okulus Bookshop and Publishing

Publishing and distribution

Terry Sucrana
Graphic design

Ivan Castro
Cover lettering

Screen prints and packaging printing

La Frivé
Packaging and print folders

Flaix Ofset
First printing tests

You can buy the book, the collector’s pack or both the patch and the prints by separate through our online store or directly at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona. It’s been a hell of a way to see the end of this project, but really funny too. I can tell you I’ve put all my energy, mind and heart to make it happen. Thanks again for keeping an eye to my work and remember…griffins lead the way.

Little Black Heart

This little black, armored heart, has taken me ages to finish it and several atempts too. It’s not big but I really want it to work it out in a very special way as it is planned to be the cover of my new book of drawings. It will be on display till july 8th at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona as a part of our first anniversary exhibition if you have the chance and the will to see it live. You can already buy it if you are interested too, just click on the picture to know about all details. Special screenprints will be available soon.

I want to give thanks again to those that keep on supporting me in my tattoo and illustration days, the ones who really enjoy my hairy animals and specially to those who know about my personal symbols and pay a devilish attention to details.
Thanks for keeping an eye to my work.
Selfishness, Secrecy and Purpose.

Eclipse 1º Aniversario

El 8 de junio abrimos las puertas en el estudio para celebrar nuestro primer aniversario. A partir de las 11:00 y sin parar hasta las 19:00 tendremos una selección de tattoos pequeños a 50€ listos para ser tatuados. Sin cita previa, lo haremos todo por orden de llegada! No tatuaremos más de dos piezas por cliente, para respetar la lista de espera y nuestro trabajo también.
Y a partir de las 20:00, todo el mundo está invitado a la expo colectiva que hemos preparado con una lista de buenos amigos del estudio. Muchos más se han quedado fuera por razones de espacio, así que esperamos incluirlos en la del año que viene! Tendremos bebida, pastel y al tremendo DJ Chorbo Rebotao para dos horas y pico. Repito…la entrada es libre a partir de las 20:00, no antes!! Os esperamos a todos, estad atentos a nuestras cuentas de instagram para ver las previas de los tattoos de este flash day.

Cartel por Nuria Lopez Design

Switzerland 25-29th june

I’m ver happy to announce that I’ll be working at Happy Pets Studio, Lausanne (Switzerland) for the first time. That’s an incredible and well known spot for any tattooer or tattoo collector who’s focused on black, illustrative work. Some of my favorite european tattooers with whom I share a similar view have been guesting there regularly. So! From days 25th to 27th I’ll be tattooing there.
And also, I will have the pleasure of visiting Zürich and spend a pair of days at World’s end Tattoo Studio. I’m really happy for it and I already feel welcome to a studio settled since 1999…!

Please, if you want to get tattooed at any of both places, get in touch as soon as you can. I’m open to do custom work and also some prepared flash I’ll carry with me as always. Don’t doubt to send me an e-mail here:

I’ll answer as soon as I can in order to get the agenda organized.

Thanks again!

Lausanne, Switzerland
25-26-27 june

Zürich, Switzerland
28-29 june

Some magic and ravens, hearts and shields

I’m very happy with my last visit to Dortmund. It’s always a pleasure to spend some time with my friends there and do so many good tattoos. The new studio looks great and makes you feel super welcome.

I’ll try to be back in summer and november before the Brussels Tattoo Convention. Don’t doubt to write me if you have any idea in mind and I’ll book you in.
I want to give thanks again to the Mind at Large Tattoo team for hosting me so well and specially to Basti for his incredible attitude all the time. THANKS!
And I have a little last tattoo to show done at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona.

Appointments and consultations:

Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona in Tattoo Life

TL1Tattoo Life magazine was the first tattoo specialized publication I bought when I wasn’t even an apprentice. This was around 2002. Some national and international magazines were published monthly back then but TLM was for sure one of the tops. Specially for the newcomers to our craft nowadays, I know it’s hard to imagine how we felt back then waiting for a number to come after the other… In a world without instagram, facebook or myspace, this was the main social network providing the who’s who info, supplier´s advertisement, conventions,  tattoo history and anthropology, cool interviews and photos and even a selection of flash with every number. So! For me, and for Carlo and Rotor too, getting here with Eclipse it’s very special. As big as the tattoo comunity has grown the last five..ten years…this kind of things still makes you happy and proud. So if you want to know a little bit more about us and the studio, don’t forget to get your copy of Tattoo Life Magazine this month.

Thank you very much Miki for letting us be a part of your magazine. It’s been a pleasure to represent our city and studio philosophy in your pages.

Monsters, witches and more tattoos

These are some of my favourite tattoos that I’ve done over the last month. It’s always great to have enough freedom to choose between two or more techniques to develop the ideas I receive to do this projects. I’m grateful for keeping on doing the subjects I like, and some new ones I keep on discovering. Don’t doubt to reach me out if you are interested in getting tattooed at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona or in any of my guest spots during this year. Some more dates and places will be added in the next months. Thank you very much.

Dortmund, Germany

7-10 May
Please contact the studio to book your appointment.

Brussels, Belgium
8-9-10 November