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Well! Brussels Tattoo Convention is about to begin and I’m already fully booked. I want to give thanks to my clients who booked their appointments months ago. I’ve also saved some time in the saturday and sunday afternoons to do some designs from my sketchbook and talk to anyone interested in our merch at Eclipse. I really love when conventions get dynamic and I can get in touch with new clients and tattooers. All these designs are not too big, easy to endure if you choose the right area! Please don’t doubt to drop by our booth at any time and ask. I’ll be glad to help out. See you there!

Eclipse in Florence and Brussels

Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona will be attending the Florence and Brussels Tattoo conventions this next November. As always, we will bring a selection of our merch! Please keep an eye on our instagram to know all the news. Click on the pictures to visit the convention’s website for more info. See You all there!!

Drôl, book, monster, goat and griffin

Some new tattoos done during these days of September in Barcelona. Small ones from my sketchbook and also some new big projects like this Griffin. So happy to keep on working with my own ideas and so interesting proposals by my clients. Thanks Agnés, Berto, Kendall, Kirian and Luis.

Info and appointments:



Summer tattoos 2017

Summer is getting hot as fuck this year in Barcelona but somehow we keep on going. Those tattoos are some of my favourites from July and this starting august. Thanks to all my clients who come from outside Spain to get some tattoos done by me. I have also started a new project with this backpiece.

2017 is the chinese year of the Rooster and this tattoo will be finished before it ends. By far, one of my favourite large pieces I had the luck to start. I had also the honour to add a new layer of tattoos on Mark Mason’s wild collection. This is the result of what’s getting really interesting and cool:

If you don’t know Mark’s work yet, check it out soon. He’s by far one of the most handpocketing experienced tattooers working in Barcelona. He works with us at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona during summers and his agenda is always open to fit you in.

Next week I’ll be working in Germany again. I’m excited to be again doing what I like most in one of my favourite places: Farbaffäere. These are my dates and places if you want to get tattooed:

Dortmund, Germany

15-16-17-18 August
Please contact the studio to book your appointment.

Wuppertal, Germany
19-20 August
Write me an e-mail to book your appointment.

Brussels, Belgium
10-11-12 November
Write me an e-mail to book your appointment.

Thank You all for keeping an eye on my work. August will be an important month for us at Eclipse and the construction works of our new studio. Next post will have some new photos of the process.

Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona

Proyecto Eclipse sigue su camino y da un paso más. A Carlo, Rotor y a mí nos alegra enormemente anunciar que vamos a montar un estudio de tatuajes en nuestra ciudad. Recientemente y después de una larga búsqueda hemos encontrado un local en el barrio de Gracia que nos parece increíble para trabajar todos juntos. Nos esperan unos meses de esfuerzo y calor para tenerlo a punto en otoño pero sabemos que valdrá la pena.

Después de trabajar en Nahkoé, Aloha y en mi estudio privado junto a Carlo, tengo unas ganas enormes de crear un espacio propio junto a mis socios y amigos. Se cumplen once años en 2017 desde que empecé a tatuar y siento que parte del proceso de seguir adelante en Barcelona pasaba por tomar esta decisión. Gracias a Proyecto Eclipse y un montón de horas de trabajo detrás, ¡parece ser que será posible!

Queremos dar las gracias a todos los que han seguido este proceso durante los últimos meses, especialmente a nuestros amigos y família. A partir de ahora queremos sumar a todo aquel que quiera a esta experencia de construir este nuevo espacio. Por mi parte mantendré el blog actualizado lo máximo posible y a través del instagram de Eclipse podréis también ver todas las noticias. ¡Esperemos no aburrir!

¡Gracias de nuevo y hasta pronto!


Proyecto Eclipse is moving forward. Carlo, Rotor and I are extremely happy to announce the opening of our own tattoo studio in Barcelona. After a long research we’ve come up with a nice place in the neighbourhood of Gracia that seems incredible to work all together. We expect a lot of heat and work in the next months but we are sure it’s going to be worthy. 

After working at Nahkoé, Aloha and my own private studio alongside Carlo, I deeply wanted to create a common space with my friends and partners. It’s eleven years now since I started tattooing and this is definetely a great call to make to keep on going in Barcelona. Thanks to Proyecto Eclipse and a thousand working hours this might come to an end!

We want to give thanks to everyone who has followed this process during the last months, our friends and family. From now on, everyone who’s interested in the process of building this new space is more than welcome. This blog will keep updated as usual and Eclipse’s instagram will display all the news. We hope not to bore You!

Thanks again and see you soon!