Eclipse 1º Aniversario

El 8 de junio abrimos las puertas en el estudio para celebrar nuestro primer aniversario. A partir de las 11:00 y sin parar hasta las 19:00 tendremos una selección de tattoos pequeños a 50€ listos para ser tatuados. Sin cita previa, lo haremos todo por orden de llegada! No tatuaremos más de dos piezas por cliente, para respetar la lista de espera y nuestro trabajo también.
Y a partir de las 20:00, todo el mundo está invitado a la expo colectiva que hemos preparado con una lista de buenos amigos del estudio. Muchos más se han quedado fuera por razones de espacio, así que esperamos incluirlos en la del año que viene! Tendremos bebida, pastel y al tremendo DJ Chorbo Rebotao para dos horas y pico. Repito…la entrada es libre a partir de las 20:00, no antes!! Os esperamos a todos, estad atentos a nuestras cuentas de instagram para ver las previas de los tattoos de este flash day.

Cartel por Nuria Lopez Design

Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona in Tattoo Life

TL1Tattoo Life magazine was the first tattoo specialized publication I bought when I wasn’t even an apprentice. This was around 2002. Some national and international magazines were published monthly back then but TLM was for sure one of the tops. Specially for the newcomers to our craft nowadays, I know it’s hard to imagine how we felt back then waiting for a number to come after the other… In a world without instagram, facebook or myspace, this was the main social network providing the who’s who info, supplier´s advertisement, conventions,  tattoo history and anthropology, cool interviews and photos and even a selection of flash with every number. So! For me, and for Carlo and Rotor too, getting here with Eclipse it’s very special. As big as the tattoo comunity has grown the last five..ten years…this kind of things still makes you happy and proud. So if you want to know a little bit more about us and the studio, don’t forget to get your copy of Tattoo Life Magazine this month.

Thank you very much Miki for letting us be a part of your magazine. It’s been a pleasure to represent our city and studio philosophy in your pages.

Monsters, witches and more tattoos

These are some of my favourite tattoos that I’ve done over the last month. It’s always great to have enough freedom to choose between two or more techniques to develop the ideas I receive to do this projects. I’m grateful for keeping on doing the subjects I like, and some new ones I keep on discovering. Don’t doubt to reach me out if you are interested in getting tattooed at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona or in any of my guest spots during this year. Some more dates and places will be added in the next months. Thank you very much.

Dortmund, Germany

7-10 May
Please contact the studio to book your appointment.

Brussels, Belgium
8-9-10 November

Brussels Tattoo Convention 2019

Last year I wasn’t able to attend the Brussels Tattoo Convention due to personal circumstances. This year 2019 I’m glad to announce I’ll be back and full of energy to make my best at was has been my favourite tattoo event so far. I know it’s early but my participation is confirmed now and months pass by really fast. Bookings are open and your tattoo ideas are more than welcome. Please, feel free to write me an e-mail if you want to get tattooed there so we can discuss everything with enough time. I will also bring my book of designs with me if you want to take a look directly at the convention. And once again, Eclipse and I will personally do our best to produce some nice prints and merchandise to sell exclusively at the convention. I hope to give you some news about it during this upcoming months.
Thanks again to the organization for including Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona into this big event one more year. Hope to see you all there, clients and friends.

Brussels, Belgium
8-9-10 November

From Darkness to Light

from darkness to light
I love patches. Designing and collecting them it’s one of the funniest things I do for sure. Normally I come up with new ideas every time my last stock is over, but this time at Eclipse we decided it was a good move to produce this particular one again. From darkness to light is an old christian motto I came across with when I was diving in an Odd Fellows book… By the time we made the first run, this little piece of cloth made a lot of sense to Carlo, Rotor and me. It’s still powerful even now and that’s why it’s back on the game.
We know many of you lost the chance of getting one or more due to the small production. Now it’s available again through our webstore. It’s rougher than the previous edition, with no plastic backing for ironing…like fucking good patches should be. Not perfect.
So, be fast if you want some of them. Remember that we always include patches for the big orders and specially if you are interested in our original artwork.
Thanks again for supporting us.

Time O negative

“Per sobre del temps” and “No a tot / Todo mal” are now for sale through our online store at Eclipse. Originally painted for “Primer Ciclo” exhibition, those small original pieces are a rare example of how things go when I use acrylics, watercolours and ink…all mixed up…So if you like experiments, this is a good oportunity to have one…or both. Thank you very much again for your support to our artwork production at the studio, it means a lot.

Both pieces are framed in wood and glass
19 x 25,3 cm
Mixed media on watercolour paper

First 2019 tattoos

Last from 2018, first for this recently started year. I want to give thanks to all my clients once again, specially to Gisela and Ardiel for trusting me one more time. If you are interested in getting tattooed at Eclipse, just get in touch through my mail.

I’ll be attending the Lille Tattoo Convention in a few days. If you want to get tattooed there, just drop by our booth and ask. If you prefer to set up and appointment, write to me as soon as you can. Thank you very much.

Lille, France
25-26-27 January
Write me to