Ravens and Drôls, Harpies and time animals

Looks like I haven’t posted any tattoos here on my blogsite since a long time ago! Ravens are back, that’s for sure. I’m really happy with the result of this one shot piece done on my colleague Skinny Marciano. He was looking for one of those dark ravens since we met back in…2018? A fuckinglongtimeago in London. A pleasure tattooing you and a really nice chat! Same as the next one, a three leg raven from the japanese mithology, called Yatagarasu:

This one was done in three sittings on one of my bravest clients ever. Thank you very much Raul for never complaining about pain and sitting so well during hours. You are a hero.
Last pictures are from my last visit to Fun Tattoo in Porto with my friend Neco and his apprentice Mariana. It was an enormous pleasure to be back after Covid dark ages and have the chance to work at their new location. I was also invited to bring my merch and artwork to participate in their open market which is taking place once a month. It was great to feel the good old tattoo vibes again after many years. Fun Tattoo Studio is fueling Porto’s tattoo scene with energy and a connection with some forgotten ways of understanding our craft. For all this and the crazy ammount of attention that my black book of designs got there, I’m forever in their team.
I’m gonna be back for sure to one of my favourite cities in Europe. To all my clients and friends there, thank you very much again and again.

And last but not least, I’m starting my 2023 travelling agenda so here are some confirmed dates:

24-25 de Marzo
citas: david@davidtejero.com

Berlin, Germany
19-20-21th April
appointments: david@davidtejero.com

Paris, France
19-20-21th April
appointments: david@davidtejero.com

Don’t doubt to get in touch as soon as possible if you want to get tattooed in any of these spots. Time and space are infinite but my agenda is not! See you around!