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Hola de nuevo!

En los próximos meses voy a salir de Barcelona para tatuar en algunos puntos de España. Estoy cogiendo citas y contestando mails desde ya mismo. Doy prioridad a ideas que ya tenga prediseñadas en mi libreta, de tamaño pequeño o medio. Para proyectos grandes, de más de una sesión, prefiero que nos veamos antes en persona para hablarlo y coger medidas de la zona a tatuar.
Para reservar cita y hablar de tu idea, escríbeme un mail aquí :

Nuevas fechas en breve

15-16-17 Noviembre

29-30 Noviembre

Muchas gracias !

Birds and Monsters

Hi there! It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been working on some new large pieces like this one. This harpy on Franki Tattoo is finally done and waiting for the final photo shooting. In the pictures above, some parts are already healed. I’m very pleased with the result and happy to explore this kind of theme/sized tattoos. Don’t hesitate to hit me up if you are interested in some!

Another ongoing project is this big owl for Filip, one of the two heads behind deadflag studios. It’s a challenging one, trust me! I’m enjoying the process very much and learning a lot. Hopefully, will be finished in one more sitting.

And finally, a one shot tattoo on Juanito Sinalma right above the harpy I tattooed on him some months ago. I really like to work on this kind of abyssal monsters too. Don’t mind if they don’t have feathers!

If you wish to get tattooed, send me an email here: I will keep my travelling agenda closed a little bit longer but you can always find me at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona. As soon as I got new dates for Germany, France, Portugal and England I’ll post them here and on instagram.

Thank you very much for all your support.

Take care!

One heart, two sisters

This month has begun with a pair of tattoos that I really appreciate. First, I had the chance of tattooing Azzurra’s left arm with another black swan and we are both really happy with the result. If it’s a bird, and it’s black…I want to do it! Thanks again, you are the best.

The other one is on Pablo’s ribs. I’m really proud of having done this meaningful tattoo on my friend and coworker at Eclipse. I really enjoy tattooing sacred hearts. If you are interested in one, I have many of them ready to go in my black book of prepared designs. Don’t doubt to ask about them.

Thank you very much for keeping an eye on my work. If you want to get tattooed, just contact me here: See you at Eclipse!

Demons, monsters, knights and skulls

Some of my most recent tattoos done during this last summer and early September at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona. Thank you very much to all of you who trusted me after the lockdown! Don’t doubt to contact me if you are interested in getting tattooed. All this pieces are custom or come directly from my black book of designs.

Black swan and the never ending end.

My last tattoos from 2019 close a decade where I commited myself to tattooing and everything involved without any doubt or hesitation. For me it’s more than ending just another year, specially because 2020 it’s my 15th anniversary into this profession that I love and respect so much. It seems like it was not too far away in time when I started as an apprentice at Nahkoé Tattoos and Piercing down in L’Hospitalet. I want to make this new year, decade and stage of my life and carreer count. Things must and will change in order to improve my skills and attention to detail.

To achieve that I can only rely on my clients, as I’ve been doing so far. I want to thanks once again, as a new year congratulation, to everyone and single of you who has allowed me to tattoo both my ideas and yours. I expect this new 2020 to contribute with more of my creativity and production. Also, at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona, some improvements with our merchandise are being prepared now…we hope to offer you a nice experience during this year both online and at the studio.

I also will try to organize my travelling agenda for 2020 as soon as I can. Dates and destinations will be announced soon. In the meantime, don’t doubt to contact me if you want to get tattooed by me in Barcelona or any other city in Europe. I love to have as much time as possible to plan and draw.

The end has no end.


First 2019 tattoos

Last from 2018, first for this recently started year. I want to give thanks to all my clients once again, specially to Gisela and Ardiel for trusting me one more time. If you are interested in getting tattooed at Eclipse, just get in touch through my mail.

I’ll be attending the Lille Tattoo Convention in a few days. If you want to get tattooed there, just drop by our booth and ask. If you prefer to set up and appointment, write to me as soon as you can. Thank you very much.

Lille, France
25-26-27 January
Write me to

The Rooster

Finally, one of my favourite projects it’s finished. This picture has been taken right after the last working session, so black must wait some months to settle and expand. This kind of tattoos are a real challenge so…I’m really happy to see the final result and learn good lessons to improve my approach to the next backpiece project. Don’t doubt to reach me if you have in mind some ideas that need this kind of large scale execution. I’ll be glad to work on them as much as in those medium size ones.

July is ending and I’m already booking some works for August. I know Barcelona is extremely hot in summer but if you dare, don’t doubt to visit us at Eclipse Tattoo Thanks again for visiting my blog and keeping and eye on my work.

January in Dortmund



I’m grateful to announce that I’ll be working at Farbaffäre with my german friends once again. This time it’s special because on these dates the studio is celebrating it’s nine anniversary. Basti and the guys had organized such an event with a flash day and some cool live music. Here’s the explanation in Deutsch:

Vor 9 Jahren öffnete die Farbaffäre das erste Mal ihre Pforten. Nun startet das 10te Jahr und das wollen wir mit Euch feiern!

Wir starten schon Mittags mit einem großen Jubiläums-Walk-In in einem beheizten Zirkuszelt im Außenbereich der Dortmunder AusnahmelocationJunkYard Dortmund. Hierzu haben wir 20 befreundete Tätowierer an den Start geholt! Diese werden wir euch noch einzeln in dieser Veranstaltung vorstellen.

Nach dem Walk-In lassen wir es dann richtig krachen!
Ab 20Uhr starten wir unsere Party mit einem Konzert in der angrenzenden Halle des JunkYards.

«Vvlva» aus Aschaffenburg liefern Euch 70’s Heavy- und Krautrock und «Heat» aus Berlin versorgen Euch mit einer ordentlichen Ladung 70’s Hardrock.

Im Anschluss legen Mitglieder der Bands noch ihre Lieblingsplatten aus den Genres
Rock‘n‘Roll, Psychedelic, Kraut- Hard- und Heavy Rock auf und das, bis keiner mehr steht!

Der Eintritt für die Tattoo-Convetion + Konzert+ Party liegt bei 8€.

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

SO! I’ll be working at the flash day on 13th January and the next week I’ll be working as always at the studio. If you want to get tattooed on 16-17-18-19th January, please contact the studio. Marvin will help you with any doubt or request.

Thank you very much in advanced! Hope to see everyone at the party and after!
Bis bald!

Dortmund, Germany

13-16-17-18-19 January 2018
Please contact the studio to book your appointment.

Summer tattoos 2017

Summer is getting hot as fuck this year in Barcelona but somehow we keep on going. Those tattoos are some of my favourites from July and this starting august. Thanks to all my clients who come from outside Spain to get some tattoos done by me. I have also started a new project with this backpiece.

2017 is the chinese year of the Rooster and this tattoo will be finished before it ends. By far, one of my favourite large pieces I had the luck to start. I had also the honour to add a new layer of tattoos on Mark Mason’s wild collection. This is the result of what’s getting really interesting and cool:

If you don’t know Mark’s work yet, check it out soon. He’s by far one of the most handpocketing experienced tattooers working in Barcelona. He works with us at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona during summers and his agenda is always open to fit you in.

Next week I’ll be working in Germany again. I’m excited to be again doing what I like most in one of my favourite places: Farbaffäere. These are my dates and places if you want to get tattooed:

Dortmund, Germany

15-16-17-18 August
Please contact the studio to book your appointment.

Wuppertal, Germany
19-20 August
Write me an e-mail to book your appointment.

Brussels, Belgium
10-11-12 November
Write me an e-mail to book your appointment.

Thank You all for keeping an eye on my work. August will be an important month for us at Eclipse and the construction works of our new studio. Next post will have some new photos of the process.