Berlin & Barcelona

Well! I’m back from Berlin. This was my first time in the city and also at Das Kabinett. The experience has been great and I had the best of times working there. My special thanks goes to Alexander for following me since my Dortmund trips and getting this big goat tattooed. It was an honour once again.

Also, after many years of knowing him, I faced the incredible challenge of tattooing Matteo Radentti’s head…! No joke! Matteo is the studio owner and he needs no further introduction. His work is out of this world and he helped me through the whole process. I know it was painful but worthy too!

I really hope to establish a Berlin-Barcelona bridge to work there as many times per year as possible. I really enjoyed the city and working with all Das Kabinett’s team was a pleasure as I early mentioned. Please, if you want to get tattooed, just write me an e-mail and I will add you to my waiting list. As soon as it’s possible to go I will contact you back to ask for dates and availability. I’m always open to your ideas and also I have a huge amount of flash and projects ready to be tattooed. Please, don’t hesitate to ask for info!


Back in Barcelona I had the chance of tattooing Carlos again, one of my oldest clients in town who asked me for a special version of this tattoo about the plague doctor. Also, Dan, a classic client and tattoo collector from our Aloha Tattoos days, came for this Snaggletooth on his leg. You both know it was a pleasure! I’m always open to Motörhead tattoo proposals, don’t doubt it.

Finally, after almost three years, I was lucky enough to take some good pictures of this big harpy which is also tattooed on Carlo’s leg. This was done right after the lockdown for the fucking Covid pandemy. It was, back then, and until now, one of my favourite projects to work in.

Thank You all for following me here and not only on instagram. My agenda is open for this summer in Barcelona at Eclipse, my home. After, I’m planning on visiting Berlin again, Brussels, Vienna, Zurich and Copenhage too. Keep posted!


Hi there! Some months ago I painted this small selection of tattoo flash. Each one of these designs is ready to be tattooed at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona or in any of my travels around Europe. Don’t hesitate to ask if you are interested in one or more of them! Also, if you are up to it, the original watercolour pages are available to sell through Eclipse’s online store. Three of them are already sold.

Thank you very much!


Paris, France
15-16-17th June
fully booked

Sirins, storm warriors and time machines

I recently had the pleasure of working on a favourite subject of mine, sirins and harpies. David, aka Sinistral Mortimer on instagram, came from Bratislava to get this huge piece done in two days in a row. That was a true display of strenght and commitment and will always have my admiration and respect.

A million thanks again David for your blind trust in my work and ways.

I also had the privilege of tattooing two old clients of mine in very interesting subjects such as time machines and storm warriors. I feel lucky as hell! Daniel, and Jonathan from El Verbo Studio , thank you very much again and again. Being able to go deeper on these subjects is something I really want to try.

To end this post and stage of the year, I’m going to show you my first collaboration with my good friend and co-founder partner at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona El Carlo. We were asked several months ago by Juanito Sin Alma to draw something of our own in a combined piece. It was fluid, funny and really great to work on that creature from the abyss:

We would really like to thanks Juanito fro his wild trust in our ideas and also to encourage anyone who feels pretty brave to try and make us a call. Doing this collaboration has been really fun and we are looking forward to repeat the experience!

My last call is for the Brussels Tattoo Convention next month. I still have plenty of time and ideas to tattoo you there. Don’t doubt to contact me through my mail if you want to get tattooed. I will also bring some new merchandise we are working on right now at Eclipse. Keep posted!


fully booked
Porto, Portugal
4-5 November

Brussels, Belgium
18-19-20 November

3-4 Diciembre
info y citas:

Brussels Tattoo Convention 2022

So! Once again, I’ll be back in Brussels for the international tattoo convention. My first tattoo show after Covid times and lockdowns. As usual, I’ll share my time and space with my friends and coworkers of Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona in a big team booth. We’ll try to bring our best merch as we do in every convention. Keep posted for more news about it!
Bookings are open. If you want to get tattooed, please write me here: . All ideas are welcome but I will give priority to those clients that want to get tattooed some of my available designs. Small and medium size tattoos are a good choice for a convention as I will not engage in full day pieces as in previous editions.

Hope to see you there again, old friends and clients. Thanks Kim for putting up again this big european show.

Brussels, Belgium
18-19-20 November


I’m really happy to finally see the end of this great owl for Filip. Four sittings in total to complete this front piece, full of good conversations and shared thoughts about illustrators, music, fucking politics and Andorra. Needless is to say that I’m grateful as I can be to connect with clients like him. And he is a fucking rock.
If you want to know more about him and his music artwork, which I fully recommend to any band, visit and follow @deadflagstudios. He and his partner are just doing really cool stuff and it’s only going to grow more and more.

If you are interested in this kind of big birds, in this size or even bigger, don’t doubt to contact me on my email I’m always up to start projects like this one if your willing is real. As Filip has done, a regular and full commitment to see it through is the only way to see proper results with this kind of tattoos. I’ll be glad to answer any proposal and meet in person if possible to discuss it.

Thanks again!

Birds and Monsters

Hi there! It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been working on some new large pieces like this one. This harpy on Franki Tattoo is finally done and waiting for the final photo shooting. In the pictures above, some parts are already healed. I’m very pleased with the result and happy to explore this kind of theme/sized tattoos. Don’t hesitate to hit me up if you are interested in some!

Another ongoing project is this big owl for Filip, one of the two heads behind deadflag studios. It’s a challenging one, trust me! I’m enjoying the process very much and learning a lot. Hopefully, will be finished in one more sitting.

And finally, a one shot tattoo on Juanito Sinalma right above the harpy I tattooed on him some months ago. I really like to work on this kind of abyssal monsters too. Don’t mind if they don’t have feathers!

If you wish to get tattooed, send me an email here: I will keep my travelling agenda closed a little bit longer but you can always find me at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona. As soon as I got new dates for Germany, France, Portugal and England I’ll post them here and on instagram.

Thank you very much for all your support.

Take care!

First 2019 tattoos

Last from 2018, first for this recently started year. I want to give thanks to all my clients once again, specially to Gisela and Ardiel for trusting me one more time. If you are interested in getting tattooed at Eclipse, just get in touch through my mail.

I’ll be attending the Lille Tattoo Convention in a few days. If you want to get tattooed there, just drop by our booth and ask. If you prefer to set up and appointment, write to me as soon as you can. Thank you very much.

Lille, France
25-26-27 January
Write me to

New Tattoos

It’s been long since my last post here. Stress and the instagram era are hitting hard on me! These tattoos have been done at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona and Parliament Tattoo in London. Lasts months at Eclipse have been super busy and I’m really grateful to all my clients and partners for providing me with this crazy times. I’m planning to stay long at home for this summer, so if you want to get tattooed, you’ll find me at the studio for sure. Just drop an e-mail here: and we’ll talk. To all my clients and friends in the pictures above, thank you very much – merci beaucoup – moltes gràcies – muchas gracias – bol’shoye spasibo – kiitos pajlon….again for such good choices and proposals. It’s been great to tattoo you all.


Last from 2017, first from 2018

A true mix of different photo qualities, places and times. Last two months have been very stressing and demanding due to the opening of Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona. I’ve done my best to compilate my work without missing any important piece. Some of the big birds on Agnés, Ignasi, Victor and Adrián are half healed in the pictures. I’ll try to have better pictures of them in some months from now. I’m really happy to keep doing this kind of tattoos in Barcelona and other spots, specially in Dortmund. If you are interested in getting tattooed, please write me here:
I’ll be travelling again soon, here are the dates and places:

Dortmund, Germany

7-8 March
Please contact the studio to book your appointment.

Mönchengladbach, Germany
9-10-11 March
Write me to

London, England
11-12-13-14 April
Write me to

Don’t doubt to write!