January in Dortmund



I’m grateful to announce that I’ll be working at Farbaffäre with my german friends once again. This time it’s special because on these dates the studio is celebrating it’s nine anniversary. Basti and the guys had organized such an event with a flash day and some cool live music. Here’s the explanation in Deutsch:

Vor 9 Jahren öffnete die Farbaffäre das erste Mal ihre Pforten. Nun startet das 10te Jahr und das wollen wir mit Euch feiern!

Wir starten schon Mittags mit einem großen Jubiläums-Walk-In in einem beheizten Zirkuszelt im Außenbereich der Dortmunder AusnahmelocationJunkYard Dortmund. Hierzu haben wir 20 befreundete Tätowierer an den Start geholt! Diese werden wir euch noch einzeln in dieser Veranstaltung vorstellen.

Nach dem Walk-In lassen wir es dann richtig krachen!
Ab 20Uhr starten wir unsere Party mit einem Konzert in der angrenzenden Halle des JunkYards.

«Vvlva» aus Aschaffenburg liefern Euch 70’s Heavy- und Krautrock und «Heat» aus Berlin versorgen Euch mit einer ordentlichen Ladung 70’s Hardrock.

Im Anschluss legen Mitglieder der Bands noch ihre Lieblingsplatten aus den Genres
Rock‘n‘Roll, Psychedelic, Kraut- Hard- und Heavy Rock auf und das, bis keiner mehr steht!

Der Eintritt für die Tattoo-Convetion + Konzert+ Party liegt bei 8€.

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

SO! I’ll be working at the flash day on 13th January and the next week I’ll be working as always at the studio. If you want to get tattooed on 16-17-18-19th January, please contact the studio. Marvin will help you with any doubt or request.

Thank you very much in advanced! Hope to see everyone at the party and after!
Bis bald!

Dortmund, Germany

13-16-17-18-19 January 2018
Please contact the studio to book your appointment.

Dortmund and Wuppertal

Recently I travelled back to Dortmund one more time and I also had the chance to participate in the Wuppertal Tattoo Convention. This trip was special because I had the best time with my friends but also because I was far from home when the terror attacks took place in the heart of Barcelona. I want to give thanks again to all those who asked about the situation in my city during the past weekend. As many places before in Europe, Barcelona is getting back to it’s normality.
All the tattoos here were done between the studio and the convention.

Again I had the luck of having the best clients. My special thanks for the ideas of Patrick, Henja, Ricardo and the choice of Arndt from my sketchbook. It means a lot when you feel so welcomed and you can do what you like most.

As I told you before, I was with my friends this time in Germany. Spending time and tattoo hours with Basti, Renata, Alejo, Marco, Marvin and Melissa has been great. Hope to repeat the experience in the future!

My next tattoo trip will be to the Brussels Tattoo Convention alongside my friends Rotor, Carlo, Ana and Nacho. We all are Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona and this will be the first convention for us using this name. Please get in touch if you want to get tattooed there, I’m already taking appointments through paypal.

Brussels, Belgium
10-11-12 November
Write me an e-mail to book your appointment.

Thank you very much.


February tattoos

This february has been a great working month! I’ve done so many interesting tattoos and finished one of my large ones. This front eagle has been so funny. Hope I will get to see it fully healed and take some good pictures:

March starts and I’ll have the chance to make some good works too. I’ll be working in Germany and Italy on those dates:

Dortmund, Germany

14-15-16 March
Please contact the studio to book your appointment. Thanks!

Mönchengladbach, Germany
17-18-19 March
Write me to david@davidtejero.com

Bolognia, Italy
31 March, 1-2 April
Write me to david@davidtejero.com

Feel free to write to me if you want to get tattooed in both tattoo conventions. I’ll bring with me some cool ideas I’ve already designed and I would love to tattoo. Thank yo very much again! Remember to visit Proyecto Eclipse to check out our new merch too!

Travel dates updated

Due to some changes in my bookings and some chaos in my agenda, my travel dates have changed a little bit. Dates for Florence, Dortmund and Granada are now :


18-19-20 November

Dortmund, Germany

24-25-26 November

Granada, España

1-2-3 Diciembre

Thank you all for your understanding and patience. If you want to get tattooed in Dortmund or Granada, please get in touch directly with the studio. If you want to book an appointment for the Florence Tattoo Convention, please write me here :