Sirins, storm warriors and time machines

I recently had the pleasure of working on a favourite subject of mine, sirins and harpies. David, aka Sinistral Mortimer on instagram, came from Bratislava to get this huge piece done in two days in a row. That was a true display of strenght and commitment and will always have my admiration and respect.

A million thanks again David for your blind trust in my work and ways.

I also had the privilege of tattooing two old clients of mine in very interesting subjects such as time machines and storm warriors. I feel lucky as hell! Daniel, and Jonathan from El Verbo Studio , thank you very much again and again. Being able to go deeper on these subjects is something I really want to try.

To end this post and stage of the year, I’m going to show you my first collaboration with my good friend and co-founder partner at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona El Carlo. We were asked several months ago by Juanito Sin Alma to draw something of our own in a combined piece. It was fluid, funny and really great to work on that creature from the abyss:

We would really like to thanks Juanito fro his wild trust in our ideas and also to encourage anyone who feels pretty brave to try and make us a call. Doing this collaboration has been really fun and we are looking forward to repeat the experience!

My last call is for the Brussels Tattoo Convention next month. I still have plenty of time and ideas to tattoo you there. Don’t doubt to contact me through my mail if you want to get tattooed. I will also bring some new merchandise we are working on right now at Eclipse. Keep posted!


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Porto, Portugal
4-5 November

Brussels, Belgium
18-19-20 November

3-4 Diciembre
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