New Tattoos and travel dates

This past month has been really intense for me due to the Eclipse expo and the amount of tattoos I’ve been doing. Most of them are large pieces that are still in process but those small ones are ready to show:

Thanks Fran, Anneke and Rafa for your trust and your cool ideas! One of the large tattoos I’ve ended it’s this black weasel for Manu. As you’ll see, it’s not completely healed so better pictures will be posted in the future. It’s been so fun to do this one…

As always, large and small pieces are welcome if you think my work fits for your style needs. Don’t doubt to ask me for my sketchbook ideas cause I have so many and they can work out very nice…Thank you very much!

My nex travel dates:


18-19-20 November

Dortmund, Germany

24-25-26 November

Granada, España

1-2-3 Diciembre

If you want to get tattooed in Dortmund or Granada, please get in touch directly with the studio. If you want to book an appointment for the Florence Tattoo Convention, please write me here : 

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