I’m really happy to finally see the end of this great owl for Filip. Four sittings in total to complete this front piece, full of good conversations and shared thoughts about illustrators, music, fucking politics and Andorra. Needless is to say that I’m grateful as I can be to connect with clients like him. And he is a fucking rock.
If you want to know more about him and his music artwork, which I fully recommend to any band, visit and follow @deadflagstudios. He and his partner are just doing really cool stuff and it’s only going to grow more and more.

If you are interested in this kind of big birds, in this size or even bigger, don’t doubt to contact me on my email david@davidtejero.com. I’m always up to start projects like this one if your willing is real. As Filip has done, a regular and full commitment to see it through is the only way to see proper results with this kind of tattoos. I’ll be glad to answer any proposal and meet in person if possible to discuss it.

Thanks again!

Birds and Monsters

Hi there! It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been working on some new large pieces like this one. This harpy on Franki Tattoo is finally done and waiting for the final photo shooting. In the pictures above, some parts are already healed. I’m very pleased with the result and happy to explore this kind of theme/sized tattoos. Don’t hesitate to hit me up if you are interested in some!

Another ongoing project is this big owl for Filip, one of the two heads behind deadflag studios. It’s a challenging one, trust me! I’m enjoying the process very much and learning a lot. Hopefully, will be finished in one more sitting.

And finally, a one shot tattoo on Juanito Sinalma right above the harpy I tattooed on him some months ago. I really like to work on this kind of abyssal monsters too. Don’t mind if they don’t have feathers!

If you wish to get tattooed, send me an email here: david@davidtejero.com. I will keep my travelling agenda closed a little bit longer but you can always find me at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona. As soon as I got new dates for Germany, France, Portugal and England I’ll post them here and on instagram.

Thank you very much for all your support.

Take care!

Owl, heart and goat

I had the pleasure of tattooing this owl from my sketchbook on Sherine, from Switzerland, at the Bologna Tattoo Expo last month. Thank you very much for your choice and time. Next ones are on two of my best clients so far, Steven and Victor.

Both of them have trusted me more than once and they are capable of hearing me talking for hours in pain. Chest and ribs are not easy spots to get tattooed and they managed so well. Thank you both for your ideas one more time.

I’m actually back from some days off, preparing stuff for the next edition of Gutter Fest in Barcelona with Proyecto Eclipse . I get easily stressed so I apologize for my delay in answering mails and getting my agenda organized. Is all for good believe me! More news about Gutter Fest will be out soon.
Thank you all for keeping an eye on my work, if you want to get tattooed just write me here : david@davidtejero.com

New Tattoos and travel dates

This past month has been really intense for me due to the Eclipse expo and the amount of tattoos I’ve been doing. Most of them are large pieces that are still in process but those small ones are ready to show:

Thanks Fran, Anneke and Rafa for your trust and your cool ideas! One of the large tattoos I’ve ended it’s this black weasel for Manu. As you’ll see, it’s not completely healed so better pictures will be posted in the future. It’s been so fun to do this one…

As always, large and small pieces are welcome if you think my work fits for your style needs. Don’t doubt to ask me for my sketchbook ideas cause I have so many and they can work out very nice…Thank you very much!

My nex travel dates:


18-19-20 November

Dortmund, Germany

24-25-26 November

Granada, España

1-2-3 Diciembre

If you want to get tattooed in Dortmund or Granada, please get in touch directly with the studio. If you want to book an appointment for the Florence Tattoo Convention, please write me here :


New tattoos and travel dates

45I’m glad to have finished two of my favourite projects this year and have tattooed again at Unity Tattoo Granada. Summer has been so hot in Barcelona and my working skills were serioulsy damaged. Thank God autumn is here again and some interesting work is coming along with it!! I must give special thanks to one of my best clients, Carles, for going through many sessions to finish his arm without any complaint. It’s been a great and instructive experience. Thanks also to Jess and Paco for trusting me in Granada with their ideas. I have had a lot of fun.

These are my next destinations in Europe and Spain :


18-19-20 November

Dortmund, Germany

24-25-26 November

Please send me an e-mail here if you want to get tattooed at the Florence Tattoo Convention : david@davidtejero.com 

If you want to get tattooed in Dortmund or Granada, get directly in touch with the studio. Thanks again!

Clock, owl, ottoman raven, nautilus and the inmortal jellyfish

Estos son algunos de los tattoos que más me ha gustado hacer este último mes entre Barcelona y Granada. Gracias a todos los que me habéis escrito proponiendo ideas tan interesantes. Tengo muchas ganas de seguir por esta línea de trabajo y llevarla a tamaños más grandes en zonas del cuerpo más amplias. No os cortéis y mandadme un mail a david@davidtejero si estáis interesados o tenéis una propuesta que os ronda la cabeza.

No dejéis tampoco de visitar mi nueva tienda online compartida con Rotor y El Carlo : PROYECTO ECLIPSE Tengo ilustraciones originales en venta a precios realmente interesantes. Hacemos envíos a todo el mundo.

¡Gracias a todos por seguir el blog!

Falcon, krampus and owl.

Tres últimos trabajos en Aloha Tattoos Barcelona. El mes que viene estaré trabajando de nuevo en Granada y además en la Convención de tattoos de O’Porto durante los días 6-7-8 de marzo. También estaré por muy pocos días de nuevo en Fun Tattoo (Maia, Portugal) antes y después de la convención. Para citas o información podéis escribir un mail aquí: david@davidtejero.com 

Gracias de nuevo a Alfonso, Miu y Vero por su confianza. ¡Me lo he pasado muy bien con estos tres tattoos de diferentes estilos! ¡En breve más!

Granada y un león

Los tres primeros tattoos los realicé en mi reciente visita al Unity Tattoo de Granada y el último en Aloha Tattoos Barcelona. ¡El viaje por el sur fue todo un placer y repito en enero! Los días 15-16-17 estaré de nuevo en Unity para seguir tatuando. Gracias a todos los que habéis confiado en mi trabajo sin conocerme mucho previamente. Si queréis coger cita lo mejor es ponerse en contacto directamente con el estudio aquí:

Teléfono: 958 26 70 55

Mail: unitytattoo@hotmail.com

Dirección: C/Buensuceso nº4 18002 Granada

Para consultas o dudas en Barcelona podéis escribir a este mail : david@davidtejero.com o pasar directamente por Aloha en el Passatge del Crédit nº8.

Posiblemente no publique nada más antes de fin de año así que aprovecho para dar las gracias una vez más a todos los que me habéis propuesto unas ideas más que interesantes para realizar mi trabajo. En 2015 espero seguir con la misma suerte si me lo permitís! Un saludo!