Time Machine II prints and new patches

TMII wp 3

Finally here! Time Machine II print is available through Proyecto Eclipse webstore. It’s been my first time working with this new version of the old known museum etching paper by Hahnemühle. As you can see in the pictures, the edge is deckled, just like it was a handmade watercolour paper. This adds a nice, less cold touch to this limited edition of 8 copies. All of them are signed, numbered and embossed by me. They come with a certificate of authenticity and they have been masterfully printed at Impressionart once again.  All the technical info about the print is in the shop.

You’ll see I have also designed some new patches and I’m very happy with the result! The moon and star patch, named as Cycle patches, are only available together. The big one, is a twisted reinterpretation of Milton’s cosmology diagram from his classic poem Paradise Lost. The diagram appeared for the first time in Homer Sprague’s 1883 edition, nearly after 200 years of the first publication…and it’s amazing. My first idea was to replicate the diagram as it was:
But! despite it is an amazing picture and idea, it would be a poor challenge to do it that way. So I started to think and later on I found out my own concepts to make this patch. By switching some words and using the death representation as a centre, my Milton’s inspired patch came up. Last part of the process was doing a good research into some books of military insignia from the second world war and Vietnam too. I really love that stuff you know… I have also had the support and advice from El Carlo and Rotor. Once again their expertise in this field solved many problems before they even appeared. Take a look:
Don’t doubt to get your patch as soon as you can. Once they are gone, it’s almost sure they’ll never be back. Limited editions help us to keep our minds creative but they run out fast. We also like to have new stuff as often as we can at Eclipse.

Thanks again for keeping an eye into my work. All the info about the print and patches is available in the online store. Worldwide shipping is also available, as always.

Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona

Proyecto Eclipse sigue su camino y da un paso más. A Carlo, Rotor y a mí nos alegra enormemente anunciar que vamos a montar un estudio de tatuajes en nuestra ciudad. Recientemente y después de una larga búsqueda hemos encontrado un local en el barrio de Gracia que nos parece increíble para trabajar todos juntos. Nos esperan unos meses de esfuerzo y calor para tenerlo a punto en otoño pero sabemos que valdrá la pena.

Después de trabajar en Nahkoé, Aloha y en mi estudio privado junto a Carlo, tengo unas ganas enormes de crear un espacio propio junto a mis socios y amigos. Se cumplen once años en 2017 desde que empecé a tatuar y siento que parte del proceso de seguir adelante en Barcelona pasaba por tomar esta decisión. Gracias a Proyecto Eclipse y un montón de horas de trabajo detrás, ¡parece ser que será posible!

Queremos dar las gracias a todos los que han seguido este proceso durante los últimos meses, especialmente a nuestros amigos y família. A partir de ahora queremos sumar a todo aquel que quiera a esta experencia de construir este nuevo espacio. Por mi parte mantendré el blog actualizado lo máximo posible y a través del instagram de Eclipse podréis también ver todas las noticias. ¡Esperemos no aburrir!

¡Gracias de nuevo y hasta pronto!


Proyecto Eclipse is moving forward. Carlo, Rotor and I are extremely happy to announce the opening of our own tattoo studio in Barcelona. After a long research we’ve come up with a nice place in the neighbourhood of Gracia that seems incredible to work all together. We expect a lot of heat and work in the next months but we are sure it’s going to be worthy. 

After working at Nahkoé, Aloha and my own private studio alongside Carlo, I deeply wanted to create a common space with my friends and partners. It’s eleven years now since I started tattooing and this is definetely a great call to make to keep on going in Barcelona. Thanks to Proyecto Eclipse and a thousand working hours this might come to an end!

We want to give thanks to everyone who has followed this process during the last months, our friends and family. From now on, everyone who’s interested in the process of building this new space is more than welcome. This blog will keep updated as usual and Eclipse’s instagram will display all the news. We hope not to bore You!

Thanks again and see you soon! 

Summer is here…

Well…it’s getting fucking hot in Barcelona but we keep on working as always! These are some of the tattoos I’ve done in June and before the month ends I’m sure I’ll be able to do some more from my sketchbook. As a reminder of my german customers, I’ll be working once again with my friends at Farbaffäre in Dortmund in august. Thereafter we will move to the Wuppertal tattoo convention. Dates and contact:

Dortmund, Germany

15-16-17-18 August
Please contact the studio to book your appointment.

Wuppertal, Germany
19-20 August
Write me an e-mail to book your appointment.

Please be fast if you want to get an appointment. Dates and hours are always limited. Thank you very much!


New travel dates for Germany and Belgium

On august I’ll be back to Germany and later on I’ll be visiting the Brussels Tattoo Convention for the first time. For any further question, this is my mail : david@davidtejero.com 

Dortmund, Germany

15-16-17-18 August
Please contact the studio to book your appointment.

Wuppertal, Germany
19-20 August
Write me an e-mail to book your appointment.

Brussels, Belgium
10-11-12 November
Write me an e-mail to book your appointment.

Thanks to everybody who already have contacted me to get an appointment on those dates. See you in a few months!


Eclipse en el Gutter Fest #5

Un año más Proyecto Eclipse estará presente en el Gutter Fest. Los días 19 y 20 de mayo os esperamos en la Nau Bostik. Traeremos algunas novedades artesanales y todo el merch que podamos de nuestra tienda online.
La pasada edición estuvo genial y todo el mundo se lo pasó de puta madre, así que esperamos repetir la experencia. Visitad la web del Gutter pinchando en la imagen para ver toda la lista de participantes. El cartel es obra de Cristina Daura.

Eclipse en Valencia

eclipse Valencia

En un par de semanas bajaremos a Valencia para montar la segunda expo de Proyecto Eclipse desde que lo fundamos hace ya un año. Tendremos expuesto la mayor parte del material de la primera y además traeremos nuevo merch! Aún y así, no os durmáis ya que el stock será bastante limitado. Solo para los más rápidos y salvajes a la hora de acercarse a la mesa de las camisetas y los parches. El cartel ha sido obra de Rotor.
El evento tendrá lugar en No Land Tattoo Parlour, el nuevo estudio a pie de calle de uno de los nombres propios del tattoo valenciano : Sento. Nos llena de stress y satisfacción mover nuestro trabajo fuera de Barcelona, así que damos las gracias de antemano a todo el equipo de No Land y a todos los que vendréis. No dudéis en compartir el evento en instagram, facebook y vuestras redes sociales reales. ¡Llenemos el No Land Tattoo Parlour! ¡Nos vemos en breve!



New patch for Proyecto Eclipse

patch-ivThis is my last contribution to my shared art collective with El Carlo and Rotor : Proyecto Eclipse. It’s really funny to make a good research on old military patches from different sources and mixing your findings with some cool ideas. In this case, the always goodlooking skull and bones subject is perfect. The chain, the motto and the drawing itself it’s extracted from the american Odd Fellows organizations. With out any doubt, a great source of inspiration for many tattooers and designers over the years.

I’ll bring some of them with me to my travels across Germany and Italy this next month   If you want any of them now, you can visit our online store.

Thank you very much again for your support!

Travel dates 2017

This year 2016 is ending and work expectations for 2017 are so great. I will travel to this confirmed places and I’m sure some more will be added very soon. Please contact me through my mail if you have any question : david@davidtejero.com

Oporto, Portugal
20-21 Enero
Please contact the studio to book your appointment. Thanks!

Granada, España
26-27-28 Enero
Contacta con el estudio directamente para coger tu cita. Hablaremos por mail una vez Buby te dé fecha y hora. Gracias!

Dortmund, Germany

14-15-16 March
Please contact the studio to book your appointment. Thanks!

Mönchengladbach, Germany
17-18-19 March
Write me to david@davidtejero.com

Bolognia, Italy
31 March, 1-2 April
Write me to david@davidtejero.com

2016 has been one of my most important years as a tattooer. After leaving Aloha in February my work has grown so much. I’ve done many interesting tattoos during this time and my travels to Granada, Dortmund and Firenze had been very stimulating. I’m grateful for that. This year it’s also the first for Proyecto Eclipse and things could not be better. Alongside Carlo and Rotor we’ve done many great pieces of artwork and merch, showing them all in our expo. Proyecto Eclipse is heading 2017 with new products to sale and a new event we’ll promote very soon…
Thank you very much to You, my clients, for this special year. Thanks to my family and friends too, for supporting me all the way. See you in 2017!

Tattoos disponibles

Todos los diseños de estas fotos que no tienen un punto rojo estan disponibles para ser tatuados en Barcelona o en cualquiera de los viajes que voy realizando por otros estudios y convenciones. A menudo me preguntáis por mail o en persona si solo acepto ideas ya prediseñadas, si podéis traer vuestras referencias o si solo tatúo mis diseños. ¡La respuesta es que SÍ a todo! Me importa que el tattoo resultante tenga calidad y que no sea un plagio directo de otros artistas. Para llegar a ese fin hay muchos caminos y siempre estoy abierto a nuevas ideas y también a proponer las mías, como es el caso de este post.
No dudéis en poneros en contacto conmigo si os gusta cualquiera de estos futuros tattoos. ¡Estaré encantado de hacer cualquiera de ellos! Tengo tiempo disponible en Barcelona antes del 18 de noviembre, escribidme a david@davidtejero.com y lo hablamos!

¡Gracias a todos!