Dharma Tattoo and The London Tattoo Convention

The London Tattoo Convention 2019 poster designed by Rose Hardy
So! I’m really pleased to announce that I’ll be visiting London once again this year. This time I’ll be working at Dharma Tattoo alongside my friend and time traveller Olracle. After my guest at Dharma, I’ll join Carlo at the worldwide famous London Tattoo Convention under Eclipse’s banner. I will not be tattooing at the convention. I will take care of all Eclipse’s goodies for you to buy. So please, feel free to drop by our booth and buy something, chat and of course get tattooed by El Carlo.
It’s always a pleasure to visit London, by far one of my favourite cities around. Please feel free to contact me asap if  you have any idea in mind for your collection. I’ll be glad to answer!
See You all in London!

London, England
25-26 September
bookings: david@davidtejero.com

London, England
27-28-29 September
Not tattooing. No bookings. Merch selling under Eclipse’s Tattoo Barcelona booth.

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