Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona in Tattoo Life

TL1Tattoo Life magazine was the first tattoo specialized publication I bought when I wasn’t even an apprentice. This was around 2002. Some national and international magazines were published monthly back then but TLM was for sure one of the tops. Specially for the newcomers to our craft nowadays, I know it’s hard to imagine how we felt back then waiting for a number to come after the other… In a world without instagram, facebook or myspace, this was the main social network providing the who’s who info, supplier´s advertisement, conventions,  tattoo history and anthropology, cool interviews and photos and even a selection of flash with every number. So! For me, and for Carlo and Rotor too, getting here with Eclipse it’s very special. As big as the tattoo comunity has grown the last five..ten years…this kind of things still makes you happy and proud. So if you want to know a little bit more about us and the studio, don’t forget to get your copy of Tattoo Life Magazine this month.

Thank you very much Miki for letting us be a part of your magazine. It’s been a pleasure to represent our city and studio philosophy in your pages.

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