Summer is here…

Well…it’s getting fucking hot in Barcelona but we keep on working as always! These are some of the tattoos I’ve done in June and before the month ends I’m sure I’ll be able to do some more from my sketchbook. As a reminder of my german customers, I’ll be working once again with my friends at Farbaffäre in Dortmund in august. Thereafter we will move to the Wuppertal tattoo convention. Dates and contact:

Dortmund, Germany

15-16-17-18 August
Please contact the studio to book your appointment.

Wuppertal, Germany
19-20 August
Write me an e-mail to book your appointment.

Please be fast if you want to get an appointment. Dates and hours are always limited. Thank you very much!

February tattoos

This february has been a great working month! I’ve done so many interesting tattoos and finished one of my large ones. This front eagle has been so funny. Hope I will get to see it fully healed and take some good pictures:

March starts and I’ll have the chance to make some good works too. I’ll be working in Germany and Italy on those dates:

Dortmund, Germany

14-15-16 March
Please contact the studio to book your appointment. Thanks!

Mönchengladbach, Germany
17-18-19 March
Write me to

Bolognia, Italy
31 March, 1-2 April
Write me to

Feel free to write to me if you want to get tattooed in both tattoo conventions. I’ll bring with me some cool ideas I’ve already designed and I would love to tattoo. Thank yo very much again! Remember to visit Proyecto Eclipse to check out our new merch too!

Primeros tattoos de 2017

Estos son solo algunos de los tattoos que he realizado durante la última semana de enero y la primera de febrero entre Barcelona, Granada y Oporto. Tengo poquísimo espacio disponible para tatuar este mes y me gustaría realizar diseños de mi sketchbook. No os cortéis en preguntar por ellos o en proponerme ideas que se basen en ese tipo de trabajos. Son de tamaño pequeño o mediano, realizables en una sola sesión con toda la calma. Hacer ese tipo de tattoos me encanta y me ayuda a probar nuevos planteamientos, tanto temáticos como estéticos. ¡De esa manera creo que salimos ganando todos!
Agradezco todos los mensajes que recibo por instagram o facebook pero para concertar cita y hablar de vuestros proyectos solo uso este mail : Creedme si os digo que la vida es mucho más simple así! Prometo contestar con la mayor rapidez posible todos los mails.
¡Gracias una vez más!

New Tattoos and travel dates

This past month has been really intense for me due to the Eclipse expo and the amount of tattoos I’ve been doing. Most of them are large pieces that are still in process but those small ones are ready to show:

Thanks Fran, Anneke and Rafa for your trust and your cool ideas! One of the large tattoos I’ve ended it’s this black weasel for Manu. As you’ll see, it’s not completely healed so better pictures will be posted in the future. It’s been so fun to do this one…

As always, large and small pieces are welcome if you think my work fits for your style needs. Don’t doubt to ask me for my sketchbook ideas cause I have so many and they can work out very nice…Thank you very much!

My nex travel dates:


18-19-20 November

Dortmund, Germany

24-25-26 November

Granada, España

1-2-3 Diciembre

If you want to get tattooed in Dortmund or Granada, please get in touch directly with the studio. If you want to book an appointment for the Florence Tattoo Convention, please write me here : 

New tattoos and travel dates

45I’m glad to have finished two of my favourite projects this year and have tattooed again at Unity Tattoo Granada. Summer has been so hot in Barcelona and my working skills were serioulsy damaged. Thank God autumn is here again and some interesting work is coming along with it!! I must give special thanks to one of my best clients, Carles, for going through many sessions to finish his arm without any complaint. It’s been a great and instructive experience. Thanks also to Jess and Paco for trusting me in Granada with their ideas. I have had a lot of fun.

These are my next destinations in Europe and Spain :


18-19-20 November

Dortmund, Germany

24-25-26 November

Please send me an e-mail here if you want to get tattooed at the Florence Tattoo Convention : 

If you want to get tattooed in Dortmund or Granada, get directly in touch with the studio. Thanks again!

Summer Tattoos 2016

These are some of the summer tattoos I’ve done this year. There are many more but the photos were not really good! I want to give special thanks to Saskia for coming one more time year after year and Matteo Al Denti for the good idea and the nice talk we had. Carol and Narcís bring a pair of powerful concepts with the bat and the stag beattle and I’m grateful for that. I also had the pleasure of tattooing two of my favourite graphic designers from Barcelona who are pushing very hard in the international rock scene. Pol Abran from Branca Studio and Xavi Forné from Error! Design, thank you very much guys for your trust and time.

Thanks for keeping an eye on my work through this blog. If you want to get tattooed here in BCN or during any of my next travels, get in touch :


Right now I’ll put my hands to work on Proyecto Eclipse. In the next couple of months Carlo, Rotor and I will have a good time preparing our first exhibition. We want to offer some good stuff to show and sell. Hope You all like it! More info about the event very soon.