From Darkness to Light

from darkness to light
I love patches. Designing and collecting them it’s one of the funniest things I do for sure. Normally I come up with new ideas every time my last stock is over, but this time at Eclipse we decided it was a good move to produce this particular one again. From darkness to light is an old christian motto I came across with when I was diving in an Odd Fellows book… By the time we made the first run, this little piece of cloth made a lot of sense to Carlo, Rotor and me. It’s still powerful even now and that’s why it’s back on the game.
We know many of you lost the chance of getting one or more due to the small production. Now it’s available again through our webstore. It’s rougher than the previous edition, with no plastic backing for ironing…like fucking good patches should be. Not perfect.
So, be fast if you want some of them. Remember that we always include patches for the big orders and specially if you are interested in our original artwork.
Thanks again for supporting us.

New patch for Proyecto Eclipse

patch-ivThis is my last contribution to my shared art collective with El Carlo and Rotor : Proyecto Eclipse. It’s really funny to make a good research on old military patches from different sources and mixing your findings with some cool ideas. In this case, the always goodlooking skull and bones subject is perfect. The chain, the motto and the drawing itself it’s extracted from the american Odd Fellows organizations. With out any doubt, a great source of inspiration for many tattooers and designers over the years.

I’ll bring some of them with me to my travels across Germany and Italy this next month   If you want any of them now, you can visit our online store.

Thank you very much again for your support!