Travel dates 2017

This year 2016 is ending and work expectations for 2017 are so great. I will travel to this confirmed places and I’m sure some more will be added very soon. Please contact me through my mail if you have any question :

Oporto, Portugal
20-21 Enero
Please contact the studio to book your appointment. Thanks!

Granada, España
26-27-28 Enero
Contacta con el estudio directamente para coger tu cita. Hablaremos por mail una vez Buby te dé fecha y hora. Gracias!

Dortmund, Germany

14-15-16 March
Please contact the studio to book your appointment. Thanks!

Mönchengladbach, Germany
17-18-19 March
Write me to

Bolognia, Italy
31 March, 1-2 April
Write me to

2016 has been one of my most important years as a tattooer. After leaving Aloha in February my work has grown so much. I’ve done many interesting tattoos during this time and my travels to Granada, Dortmund and Firenze had been very stimulating. I’m grateful for that. This year it’s also the first for Proyecto Eclipse and things could not be better. Alongside Carlo and Rotor we’ve done many great pieces of artwork and merch, showing them all in our expo. Proyecto Eclipse is heading 2017 with new products to sale and a new event we’ll promote very soon…
Thank you very much to You, my clients, for this special year. Thanks to my family and friends too, for supporting me all the way. See you in 2017!

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