What do you see when you listen to Motörhead? This is my answer and contribution for the «Warriors» show at Das Kabinett Berlin! Once again, Matteo and his team are putting together a really nerdi nice art exhibition. I really had a super fun time working on this piece and I’m actually planning on exploring the snaggletooth dimension a little bit more.
A couple of giclée prints of this Motörhead tribute will be available for you to buy at the show. All profits goes to charity! If you want to get the original artwork piece, please visit my online store.

As usual, for this kind of illustrations, I’ve used my molotow pens on arches paper in order to get a really smooth result. Measures are 29,6 x 42 cm (A3 format). I will not make further prints of this piece for commercial purposes.

Thank you very much for following my work once again and long live to the Overkill Bastards Sons.

Friday 17th March at Das Kabinett
Berlin, Germany.

Long Live Tattooing

This is the artwork I’ve been comissioned to do for the new studio of the italian tattoo master and commander Rino Valente. Long Live Tattooing will open it’s doors this week in San Casciano, Chianti (Italy). I encourage everybody to follow Rino’s work in full, he’s a true craftsman whose abilities don’t end in tattooing at all. A genius figure I’ve been glad to know in person for years and trusted my projects on leather since long ago.

Once again, my Molotows pens and a Din A3 Saunders Waterford paper have been my weapons of choice. For this kind of projects, that take long and need an extreme clean outcome, this combination it’s far better than other traditional inking options. Love the quill and ink but I guess I’m not that skilled!
I feel really lucky to have the chance of working in illustrative works like this one, so if you have a project proposal for me, don’t doubt to let me know through my email :
Thanks again for following my work here in my blog, we all know it always feels better to see the pictures in a good resolution size. Instagram has its limitations! Remember, Long Live Tattooing.

Dystopia at Das Kabinett

This is my contribution to Dystopia, a new dark age art exhibition at Das Kabinett, Berlin. What to expect on 11th march? A collection of many tattooers around the world offering their visions about this main theme:

It has been almost two years into a disquieting global crysis, and as dark and bleak perspectives open up to our eyes, we warily enter a new era of unimagined fears, medical pioneering and new bureaucracy.

Living in a time that generations before ours have called THE Future, we have to face the fact that our days are very far from that utopic ideal; there’s no bright future, only a shrinking present, slowly corroding itself into an embarassing past.

We dreamed of jetpacks and space travels, alien encounters and galactic empires, only to wake up to a new millennium of medieval nightmares: plagues, conflicts, climatic disasters, discrimination, cyber-dictatorship and anti-scientific obscurantism.

What will be expecting post-humanity in the next decades or centuries? We surely don’t know, but we’d like to invite you to a reflection on the dead-and-gone and the still-possible-futures, on contemporary nightmares and future dark ages, on glorious retró techno-epos and brutal pasts we would rather cancel.

I want to give thanks to Matteo and all the team at Das Kabinett for putting up a very promising show after this two years of pandemic boredom. Let’s get back to some of our old habits by promoting this kind of art meetings. If you are in Berlin in march, don’t doubt it.

Das Kabinett
Berlin, Germany
11th March

Stone Deaf forever!


I’ve been included for the second time in the Stone Deaf zine curated by Alex Matus with the help of Brookes Reeder. Considering that I’m holding the second number in my hands, it’s a fucking success. I met Alex some years ago when she came to Barcelona to spend some days tattooing at Aloha Tattoos. I got a druidess tattoo from her (tribute to Type O Negative ha!) and we’ve been in touch since then. Alex tattoos and artwork are one of a kind, as her life too. This little piece of art combines the pictures taken by her at metal gigs with her iphone, with illustrations from a nice list of really talented people.

I contributed with my «saved by the storm» illustration and I’m really happy with the result. This little guy has flight many hours and I’m very proud that one of my best works is a part of this super fun compilation. You can feel this kind of work, by Alex, is done from the heart. Pure metal fan. So thanks again for having me in Alex !!

In this volume n.II : 
Colin Baker · Zac Scheibaum · Maarten Donders · Arik Roper · Alex Matus · Raul Cruz ·Jack Sabbat · Edu Cerro · Richey Beckett · Rose Whittaker · Nick Mckillip · Prilzor…
and myself!

Follow STONE DEAF ZINE and ALEX MATUS in instagram.

Monster II print and Eclipse T-shirts

After Florence and Brussels Tattoo Conventions my new T-shirts for Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona are ready to be sold online. They are Gildan Premium of 180 gr and are printed in discharge for an everlasting quality. Masters at Newtownlab Barcelona have done they work in an excellent way one more time! Stock is limited to 50 and some of them are already gone. Be fast if you want one!

I have also turned my last illustration into a little run of 10 giclée prints. Some of them were sold at the Brussels Tattoo Convention this weekend. The remaining ones are for sale now through Eclipse’s online store. Every one of them is signed, numbered and embossed by me. Once again, they have been printed at Impressionart. I want to give thanks for the attention and good vibes towards my work, it really means a lot. The original artwork is now a part of Sean Gamil’s private collection.

Time Machine II

tm II 5
Finally, here it is! My second time machine is finished. This time the size was important in order to get faster results so I changed my big working sheets for a Din A3 one. I must say it’s been a pain in the ass for the amount of detail… but in a matter of seven days everything was done.
This little traveller will see the light in a limited giclée print edition very soon because I’m happier with the result than I was with the first time machine. I’m trying to make some evolution with every piece and it’s getting really fun so, I guess somehow this can become a series one day. Who knows! Some pictures of the process and details:

Thank you very much for your support and your opinions about my work. Keep an eye on Proyecto Eclipse for more news. This is my mail for further requests or comissions:

Cartelismo ilustrado by Error!

Este viernes 4 de Noviembre Xavi Forné tendrá una muestra en exposición de prácticamente todos los posters que ha diseñado para diferentes bandas de todo el mundo. Es una oportunidad cojonuda para todos los que disfrutamos con el diseño de posters para conciertos de los grupos de rock y metal que nos flipan. El evento contará también con las camisetas y merch que Xavi diseña de forma habitual, ¡así que no tenéis excusa para quejaros de los gastos de envío y esas cosas si queréis comprar algo!
Importante: la muestra solo dura el día de la expo. Clicad en la foto para ver toda la info del evento en facebook. Nos vemos ahí!


Studio Store Design Studio
C/Comerç 17, 08003
4 de Noviembre de 2016 
De 18:00 a 21:30

Eclipse I

Eclipse I is my contribution to the joint pack we made in Proyecto Eclipse for our first exhibition last week. It was reproduced in a ten copies limited edition giclée series alongside the artwork of El Carlo and Rotor. This is the scan extracted directly from the original artwork. I’ve used a nib with ink wich is lately my best preference to work this kind of engraved pieces. The quality and opacity of black talens has no equal. Paper is the always high performance Saunders Waterford.
It’s actually framed and on sale for 300€ plus shipping costs. If you want to know more, just send me an e-mail here . Thanks for keeping an eye. More close ups :

Time Machine I

One of my recent pieces for the Eclipse Expo this last thursday. I’ve put some hours into this new illustration and it’s been worthy for all the knowledge I’ve acquired from it. Hopefully, this will turn into a larger production of smaller time machines… This is also my little tribute to one of my favourite pieces of Durer’s work : The Large Triumphal Carriage.  As I said, it is just the beggining and I’ll try to develop this idea in many other ways. Being sincere, it just started as a game for me and ended up in a larger project. There is so much to investigate and play! Some close up pictures:


Thanks for following my work! I’ll add pictures of the original framed illustration soon.