Time machines, time animals, birds

First and never last but always, yes…the first selection of 2022 tattoos. I’m really happy to have the chance of working on these three subjects. They are really interesting and I know that, specially for the strange animals and machines, a huge amount of trust is required from my clients. So again, thank you very much for stepping forward. All these tattoos were done between Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona and Cobra Tattoo Madrid.
This year, as things seems to be back on track, I’ll try to travel a little bit more to old and new places as well. Right now, two destinations are confirmed:

12-13-14 Mayo
citas: david@davidtejero.com

Brussels, Belgium
18-19-20 November
bookings: david@davidtejero.com

Bookings are open, so feel free to write here david@davidtejero.com and ask. I have a lot of prepared designs ready to go but I’m also happy to work on your ideas. As usual, I accept paypal deposits for my clients from outside Barcelona.

Thanks again!
First and last and always: til the end of time.

La Cobra Bar

Y con esta ya van tres cobras en mi maleta. Hace unos meses me propusieron diseñar la nueva camiseta de La Cobra Bar Barcelona y este es el resultado que por fin se puede mostrar después de unos cuantos retrasos debido a las restricciones del ocio nocturno. Por lo que parece, esto es solo el inicio de una serie de colaboraciones que periódicamente se irán realizando con artistas locales. La Cobra cuenta ya con una buena tradición de eventos en su local dedicados a promover la cultura urbana de Barcelona a través de exposiciones, performances y música en directo. Estoy super agradecido a Milenko y Ricardo, dueños del bar, por confiar en mí para este pequeño proyecto lleno de buenas energías. Se nota que son ellos mismos, junto con Ona Salvador, quienes atienden la barra durante toda la semana de 19:00 a 01:00. Este tipo de locales son los que valen la pena sin lugar a dudas.

¿Cómo hacerte con una de las camisetas? Pues como todas las verdaderas cosas buenas de la vida y la ciudad, en directo mejor. Solo se pueden conseguir pasando directamente por el bar. La edición es limitada así que no tardéis en visitar La Cobra y tomaros algo. Por último, si os interesa estar al tanto de su agenda cultural y de eventos, la mejor forma es seguirlos en instagram. Seguidles, visitadles y apoyadles!
Larga vida a La Cobra!

La Cobra Bar Barcelona
Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 47, bajos,
08001 Barcelona

True patch

This is my first collaboration with Silvia Ballerini a.k.a in.ambers doing these amazing handmade skull patches! If you follow her on instagram you’ll have a chance to see her dark talent in action. I really hope you like this limited series, each one is a unique piece itself. I’ve done many industrial patches in the past but this is the first time going handmade and I’m glad with this rough feeling you get.
Don’t loose your opportunity to get your hands on them. I’m sure more editions of different patches with Silvia will come in the future but for the moment, those are the only ones available!
And remember that devil has pills in his eyes and you don’t really have a patch if you don’t have a skull patch. Now you know.

You can get them through Eclipse’s online store, as usual. Shipping will start next week. Always and only with DHL, delivered to your door really fast. Follow me on instagram if you want to take a look to the packaging process…

Thank you very much again!

Hunt, rest and bleed.

A little selection of my favorite works from some months ago til now. I have some ongoing large projects and some new medusae ideas that I would like to test as soon as possible. I want to give special thanks to Marina for her trust on my harpy view for her idea, it was a pleasure from beginning to end. Scott, Dan and Sofia, thanks to all of You too for your patience and dedication. Always happy to work on things with wings, no doubt.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your new project, please visit my available designs section. They are ready to be tattooed or at least they can be helpful as a guide of style. I’m always open to answer your doubts through my email david@davidtejero.com.

My agenda is also open for my next travels. I have sadly cancelled Valencia due to family matters but I will rearrange my schedule there as soon as possible. Don’t doubt to contact me if you are interested in getting tattooed.

Nos vemos pronto!

Nuevas fechas en breve
citas: david@davidtejero.com

15-16-17 Noviembre
citas: david@davidtejero.com

29-30 Noviembre
citas: david@davidtejero.com

Monsters and dragons, goats and ravens.

Another summer is here and I’m glad to keep on working with my own ideas and clients proposals too. Mixed monsters and animals are my stuff for sure, don’t doubt to get in touch if you have the idea of getting some of them. There’s also a pair of big projects I’ve also started recently and I’m willing to continue as soon as possible.

I want to give special thanks to Laura, Jonatan, Jose and David. Thanks for your trust and behaving so well during the sittings.

Hope is going to be more content to show up after the summer! Until then, thank you very much for keeping an eye on my work.

Bookings: david@davidtejero.com


I’m really happy to finally see the end of this great owl for Filip. Four sittings in total to complete this front piece, full of good conversations and shared thoughts about illustrators, music, fucking politics and Andorra. Needless is to say that I’m grateful as I can be to connect with clients like him. And he is a fucking rock.
If you want to know more about him and his music artwork, which I fully recommend to any band, visit and follow @deadflagstudios. He and his partner are just doing really cool stuff and it’s only going to grow more and more.

If you are interested in this kind of big birds, in this size or even bigger, don’t doubt to contact me on my email david@davidtejero.com. I’m always up to start projects like this one if your willing is real. As Filip has done, a regular and full commitment to see it through is the only way to see proper results with this kind of tattoos. I’ll be glad to answer any proposal and meet in person if possible to discuss it.

Thanks again!

Harpy II and a deep drawer

This is one of my favourite starters for this year 2021. I’m grateful for having the chance of tattooing this kind of ideas. Harpies and detailed birds are very interesting and the way they fit in our bodies is always challenging. I have drawn some of them in advanced, so don’t doubt to check out my available designs and contact me if you are interested. Your ideas and references about this particular subject are always welcomed too.
I also have some good news about three little pieces I’ve just recovered from the depths of my studio drawer. One print with a tiny mistake, an artist proof and a little original. All of them are two or more years old. Don’t doubt to check out my section at Eclipse’s online store to find out more. Remember, there is only one copy left for the prints. It’s now or never.

Thank you very much for keeping an eye on my work.

Book of drawings second edition

Last December the first edition of my book of drawings was sold out. Here comes the second one. It is available now through eclipse’s online store, at the studio and also through Okulus Bookshop. I’m signing and doing fast sketches on the first ten copies too. First orders will come with little extras! I’m really happy for the outcome of this project and how it’s been received. Don’t doubt to get your copy now if you weren’t able to do it in the past months. A third edition might never come, who knows?

Thanks a million times for your support once again.


Last illustration of 2020 and first one to start 2021. This is a little tribute to Barcelona and its people. Done entirely with Molotow pens in A3 format, using a slow stippling technique. It’s been great to focus again on such a long process. I will make a fine print edition soon for everyone who has asked so far and showed interest in my work again.

Thank you very much.