Berlin & Barcelona

Well! I’m back from Berlin. This was my first time in the city and also at Das Kabinett. The experience has been great and I had the best of times working there. My special thanks goes to Alexander for following me since my Dortmund trips and getting this big goat tattooed. It was an honour once again.

Also, after many years of knowing him, I faced the incredible challenge of tattooing Matteo Radentti’s head…! No joke! Matteo is the studio owner and he needs no further introduction. His work is out of this world and he helped me through the whole process. I know it was painful but worthy too!

I really hope to establish a Berlin-Barcelona bridge to work there as many times per year as possible. I really enjoyed the city and working with all Das Kabinett’s team was a pleasure as I early mentioned. Please, if you want to get tattooed, just write me an e-mail and I will add you to my waiting list. As soon as it’s possible to go I will contact you back to ask for dates and availability. I’m always open to your ideas and also I have a huge amount of flash and projects ready to be tattooed. Please, don’t hesitate to ask for info!


Back in Barcelona I had the chance of tattooing Carlos again, one of my oldest clients in town who asked me for a special version of this tattoo about the plague doctor. Also, Dan, a classic client and tattoo collector from our Aloha Tattoos days, came for this Snaggletooth on his leg. You both know it was a pleasure! I’m always open to Motörhead tattoo proposals, don’t doubt it.

Finally, after almost three years, I was lucky enough to take some good pictures of this big harpy which is also tattooed on Carlo’s leg. This was done right after the lockdown for the fucking Covid pandemy. It was, back then, and until now, one of my favourite projects to work in.

Thank You all for following me here and not only on instagram. My agenda is open for this summer in Barcelona at Eclipse, my home. After, I’m planning on visiting Berlin again, Brussels, Vienna, Zurich and Copenhage too. Keep posted!


What do you see when you listen to Motörhead? This is my answer and contribution for the «Warriors» show at Das Kabinett Berlin! Once again, Matteo and his team are putting together a really nerdi nice art exhibition. I really had a super fun time working on this piece and I’m actually planning on exploring the snaggletooth dimension a little bit more.
A couple of giclée prints of this Motörhead tribute will be available for you to buy at the show. All profits goes to charity! If you want to get the original artwork piece, please visit my online store.

As usual, for this kind of illustrations, I’ve used my molotow pens on arches paper in order to get a really smooth result. Measures are 29,6 x 42 cm (A3 format). I will not make further prints of this piece for commercial purposes.

Thank you very much for following my work once again and long live to the Overkill Bastards Sons.

Friday 17th March at Das Kabinett
Berlin, Germany.

Dystopia at Das Kabinett

This is my contribution to Dystopia, a new dark age art exhibition at Das Kabinett, Berlin. What to expect on 11th march? A collection of many tattooers around the world offering their visions about this main theme:

It has been almost two years into a disquieting global crysis, and as dark and bleak perspectives open up to our eyes, we warily enter a new era of unimagined fears, medical pioneering and new bureaucracy.

Living in a time that generations before ours have called THE Future, we have to face the fact that our days are very far from that utopic ideal; there’s no bright future, only a shrinking present, slowly corroding itself into an embarassing past.

We dreamed of jetpacks and space travels, alien encounters and galactic empires, only to wake up to a new millennium of medieval nightmares: plagues, conflicts, climatic disasters, discrimination, cyber-dictatorship and anti-scientific obscurantism.

What will be expecting post-humanity in the next decades or centuries? We surely don’t know, but we’d like to invite you to a reflection on the dead-and-gone and the still-possible-futures, on contemporary nightmares and future dark ages, on glorious retró techno-epos and brutal pasts we would rather cancel.

I want to give thanks to Matteo and all the team at Das Kabinett for putting up a very promising show after this two years of pandemic boredom. Let’s get back to some of our old habits by promoting this kind of art meetings. If you are in Berlin in march, don’t doubt it.

Das Kabinett
Berlin, Germany
11th March