Owl, heart and goat

I had the pleasure of tattooing this owl from my sketchbook on Sherine, from Switzerland, at the Bologna Tattoo Expo last month. Thank you very much for your choice and time. Next ones are on two of my best clients so far, Steven and Victor.

Both of them have trusted me more than once and they are capable of hearing me talking for hours in pain. Chest and ribs are not easy spots to get tattooed and they managed so well. Thank you both for your ideas one more time.

I’m actually back from some days off, preparing stuff for the next edition of Gutter Fest in Barcelona with Proyecto Eclipse . I get easily stressed so I apologize for my delay in answering mails and getting my agenda organized. Is all for good believe me! More news about Gutter Fest will be out soon.
Thank you all for keeping an eye on my work, if you want to get tattooed just write me here : david@davidtejero.com

March Tattoos

March is not finished yet but I’ve already done a lot of work between Barcelona, Dortmund and The Ink Explosion tattoo convention in Mönchengladbach. I’m extremely grateful for my days in Germany and I hope to be back as soon as my agenda allows me to travel. Right now, Proyecto Eclipse is demanding a lot of energy to put up our upcoming show in Valencia…and many other news we hope to give you soon.
I want to give my special thanks to all my german customers who trusted me more than ever on this trip. As I told before, it was great. Basti and all the crew at Färbaffaere, you are the best.
No me olvido tampoco de mis trabajos en Barcelona. Todos los que aquí muestro han sido un verdadero placer de realizar. A todos los que habéis viajado para venir y los que habéis hecho huecos en vuestros trabajos para tatuaros, gracias por partida doble. ¡Ojalá todos los meses fueran así!

Next week I’ll be attending the Bologna Tattoo Expo. If you want to get tattooed just drop by our booth and we will have a talk. I’ll bring my designs ready to tattoo. Any consultation, just write me here:


Danke Schön! Muchas Gracias! Grazie Mille!


Bologna Tattoo Expo 2017

This is going to be my first year working at the Tattoo Expo Bologna. I’ll be alongside my friends El Carlo and Rotor one more time, just like in Florence. Ana Revuelta will come with us as a helper and we will try to bring some good stuff from Proyecto Eclipse. It’s going to be great to be finally working in one of my favourite european cities.

I still have some space available if you want to get tattooed, but I really prefer to do some of the drawings I have already prepared. Just come by our booth and take a look. Hope to see you there!

For any question or booking, please write me here : david@davidtejero.com 

February tattoos

This february has been a great working month! I’ve done so many interesting tattoos and finished one of my large ones. This front eagle has been so funny. Hope I will get to see it fully healed and take some good pictures:

March starts and I’ll have the chance to make some good works too. I’ll be working in Germany and Italy on those dates:

Dortmund, Germany

14-15-16 March
Please contact the studio to book your appointment. Thanks!

Mönchengladbach, Germany
17-18-19 March
Write me to david@davidtejero.com

Bolognia, Italy
31 March, 1-2 April
Write me to david@davidtejero.com

Feel free to write to me if you want to get tattooed in both tattoo conventions. I’ll bring with me some cool ideas I’ve already designed and I would love to tattoo. Thank yo very much again! Remember to visit Proyecto Eclipse to check out our new merch too!

Primeros tattoos de 2017

Estos son solo algunos de los tattoos que he realizado durante la última semana de enero y la primera de febrero entre Barcelona, Granada y Oporto. Tengo poquísimo espacio disponible para tatuar este mes y me gustaría realizar diseños de mi sketchbook. No os cortéis en preguntar por ellos o en proponerme ideas que se basen en ese tipo de trabajos. Son de tamaño pequeño o mediano, realizables en una sola sesión con toda la calma. Hacer ese tipo de tattoos me encanta y me ayuda a probar nuevos planteamientos, tanto temáticos como estéticos. ¡De esa manera creo que salimos ganando todos!
Agradezco todos los mensajes que recibo por instagram o facebook pero para concertar cita y hablar de vuestros proyectos solo uso este mail : david@davidtejero.com Creedme si os digo que la vida es mucho más simple así! Prometo contestar con la mayor rapidez posible todos los mails.
¡Gracias una vez más!

November tattoos

November has been a busy month for me and Proyecto Eclipse. Florence, Dortmund, Granada and my home Barcelona had been great. These are some of my favourite tattoos done during this month. Both the kraken and the Vulture are half way healing and I will have better and more detailed pictures in the future. Once again, I want to give thanks to all my clients featured here. I’m specially happy to have tattooed Sebastian from Farbaffaere Dortmund once again, my experience there has been amazing. And Florian, thank you very much for picking up the skull spider from my sketchbook… this kind of tattoos keeps me going on! Fran Fernandez, from Ondo Tattoo Barcelona, has come again to get this pair of eyes on his shoulders…always great to have him in the studio for the endless chat!
Finally Roger and Corpus, the Kraken and the vulture, have been two of my bests clients ever. I’m extremely grateful for their trust, ideas and kindness. Thank you very much, for real.

En Diciembre estaré de nuevo mano a mano con El Carlo, en el estudio. Aún quedan huecos en la agenda para acabar de rellenar el mes entero de trabajo.Por otra parte, intentaré que enero de 2017 sea un mes diferente para mí y por eso me reservaré mucho más tiempo para dibujar y pintar. Si tienes planes de tatuarte el mes que viene, no dudes en escribirme a david@davidtejero.com estos días. Me gustaría trabajar en vuestras ideas con la máxima antelación posible, sin prisas.

Una vez más gracias a todos los que seguís mi trabajo a través de este blog. ¡Hasta la próxima!