Wet plate photos by Martí Andiñach


El Carlo, Rotor and myself. Proyecto Eclipse October 2016

We’ve been in touch recently with Martí Andiñach and his old craftwork photography. As an art collective it’s very motivating for us to meet other people who’s interests and passion for their work goes that far. In this case, keeping alive this old photo technique is something we can nearly call magic. We encourage everyone in Barcelona and elsewhere to meet him and get a portrait full of energy, class and mistery. If you want to know more about this old technique, just visit his website and enjoy. Here are two more photos of our session last monday:

And finally, the day has come. Today thursday october 20th we are opening our exhibition at The Gallery by Error as Proyecto Eclipse. Everyone is welcome. Show starts at 19:00 and we will have the privilege of listening to Your Grace  live. Check them out, they are amazing. We will bring a good selection of original artwork and merch so anyone can come and get something.

Thanks again for following my blog and Proyecto Eclipse. Barcelona, ¡nos vemos esta tarde!



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