Birds and Monsters

Hi there! It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been working on some new large pieces like this one. This harpy on Franki Tattoo is finally done and waiting for the final photo shooting. In the pictures above, some parts are already healed. I’m very pleased with the result and happy to explore this kind of theme/sized tattoos. Don’t hesitate to hit me up if you are interested in some!

Another ongoing project is this big owl for Filip, one of the two heads behind deadflag studios. It’s a challenging one, trust me! I’m enjoying the process very much and learning a lot. Hopefully, will be finished in one more sitting.

And finally, a one shot tattoo on Juanito Sinalma right above the harpy I tattooed on him some months ago. I really like to work on this kind of abyssal monsters too. Don’t mind if they don’t have feathers!

If you wish to get tattooed, send me an email here: I will keep my travelling agenda closed a little bit longer but you can always find me at Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona. As soon as I got new dates for Germany, France, Portugal and England I’ll post them here and on instagram.

Thank you very much for all your support.

Take care!

Summer tattoos

A little selection of my recent works done in Barcelona, Switzerland and Dortmund. Summer, as always, is getting too long…hopefully September will arrive by the end of august so, London is closer! I’m really glad to focus on this kind of tattoos and getting them to a new size (bigger) dimension would be great. Please don’t doubt to send me an email if you are willing to investigate with me this kind of ideas.
My next stops:

London, England
25-26 September

London, England
27-28-29 September
Not tattooing. No bookings. Merch selling under Eclipse’s Tattoo Barcelona booth.

Dortmund, Germany

5-6 November
Please contact the studio to book your appointment.

Brussels, Belgium
8-9-10 November

And if I’m not travelling, I’m always at home : Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona. I’m always glad to have a chat live at the studio. By far is the best way to get things started. Thanks again for keeping an eye to my work!