Time Machine II

tm II 5
Finally, here it is! My second time machine is finished. This time the size was important in order to get faster results so I changed my big working sheets for a Din A3 one. I must say it’s been a pain in the ass for the amount of detail… but in a matter of seven days everything was done.
This little traveller will see the light in a limited giclée print edition very soon because I’m happier with the result than I was with the first time machine. I’m trying to make some evolution with every piece and it’s getting really fun so, I guess somehow this can become a series one day. Who knows! Some pictures of the process and details:

Thank you very much for your support and your opinions about my work. Keep an eye on Proyecto Eclipse for more news. This is my mail for further requests or comissions:


Time Machine I

One of my recent pieces for the Eclipse Expo this last thursday. I’ve put some hours into this new illustration and it’s been worthy for all the knowledge I’ve acquired from it. Hopefully, this will turn into a larger production of smaller time machines… This is also my little tribute to one of my favourite pieces of Durer’s work : The Large Triumphal Carriage.  As I said, it is just the beggining and I’ll try to develop this idea in many other ways. Being sincere, it just started as a game for me and ended up in a larger project. There is so much to investigate and play! Some close up pictures:


Thanks for following my work! I’ll add pictures of the original framed illustration soon.